• Hi my name is Diego Corona and I am a student at Unity High School. For the past few months my class has been reading articles and watching videos about what robots can do. So far it is impressive but not enough

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    Quinton I can agree with your response even if it is not a popular thought. “We have seen how politicians portray them.” It is true than many people try to force the thought that guns are only deadly and laws should be strict but they do also over look the good things that responsible people can do. Your opinion is a thoughtful on that some may…[Read more]

  • Alright Melody at first I was thought that the argument being made was incorrect but after the citations and evidence it seems you changed my mind. As animals are said to be protected but you well exsplain that the laws passed are not effective properly as lost animals are gone forever on drugs that may not work. It is a good topic that should be…[Read more]

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