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    Animal Rights

    When we think of rights, we hardly think of animal rights and how this might affect them. Instead we think of human rights, but we should be thinking about giving animals rights. Especially being held in captivity against their...

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    Diana commented on the post, Finders Keepers

    Hey Yamile, I think that if I were to find gift cards, I would probably ask the store if there is any way on contacting the owners of it. If there is nothing that can be done, then I would most likely use them on things for my family on for myself. But if it were cash alone, I would probably keep it, unless someone came up to me and asked for it…Read More

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    Our New Future

    Our country has improved in many senses over the last decades, in technology, demographics, society, values, and even people. With more people migrating and immigrating to America, our populations, ethnicity, and races are changing as well. White people, used...

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  • Dear Tadeo, I agree with your text. I have also thought of this because I have tried to get my mom to learn how to speak english for a while now, but she just won’t do it. She uses those same excuses, that she’s too tired or that she needs to cook. But I think that you can’t force someone to learn something they don’t want too. If my mom doesn’t…Read More

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    Is AI Being Biased?

    Artificial intelligence and technology is being used on a daily basis not only by teenagers but by companies as well. These past years it has been used more frequently by big companies during hiring processes. But how does AI...

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    • Dear Diana :
      I am quite curious about something you said on your post. More specifically, where it said about AI sorting resumes.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “As of now, companies and other software developers are working hard on developing and improving AI so that hiring people is easier and to make sure that the correct and qualified people.” I wonder why if it seeks for qualified people, it tend to choose more men.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you seem like a decent writer.

      From Tadeo

    • Diana,
      I never thought something artificial could produce human biases like this. It makes me wonder how these biases are programmed in or created. I found it interesting how the AI biases directly line up with the ones found here, as many humans who hire for companies tend to choose men over women, just like what the AI does. I feel like this connects to ads, such as the ones on Instagram, that specifically target people based on race, gender, location, and more.
      I found this pretty interesting article on types of AI biases you may like
      I would love to see ways on how to combat this type of AI prejudice. Thank you!

    • Diana, this should be a problem that is more widely addressed. Do you think there is a reason that people are not hearing about the biases programmed into AI during the hiring process? I would think that such a stark issue should be talked about more. In the efforts to reprogram the AI, how does one insure that absolutely no bias is included in the machine? Should applications be devoid of any irrelevant personal information? Great job on the article.

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