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  • DianaGo
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Final Goodbye. View Comment
  • @DianaGo
  • December 14, 2022

Dear: Josh I am surprised by your poem, “Final goodbye,” because I realized that we got to spend more time with the person we love the most. In any circumstance, I see you have to appreciate them even if they haven’t done anything. I really like your poem by the...

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Climate Change & Gas Prices View Comment
  • @DianaGo
  • November 10, 2022

Dear Caroline,  I am amused by your post, “Climate Change & Gas Prices,” because it gives additional information on how climate can affect prices. It’s very sad that global warming can affect the way people live.  One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The increased gas prices, thought...

Dear Ema : I am happy with your post, “Debates over Gun Control Laws in the United States,” because I accept the fact that people can be affected by guns. It makes less and decreases mass shootings from one group. I agree that the government should do something about this...

Dear sam : I am surprised by your image, “To the folks in Texas, I hope you all that have experienced loss are well.,” because a lot of tragedies like this have happened. I believe that your support was awesome. I really liked that you did that shows a very...

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Brave women View Comment
  • @DianaGo
  • September 23, 2022

Dear Kashmala: I am surprised by your post, “Brave women,” because Many are tending to represent women more. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “She used her voice to change the way society views African Americans and women.” I think this is awesome because we are interventional...

Dear Monica: I am surprised by your post “Should school offer to the students take a nap during school time?” because Many do need sleep in the community for stress. It has rushed many students that they may be with anxiety. Researchers have said that the students have a difficult...

Dear Arual : I am mad by your post, “ Until Black Women are free, None of us will be free” because it is impressive the injustice these people have received are women. I can’t really describe how embarrassing this is as in my perspective  One sentence you wrote that stands...

I believe what you said is our fault because of the power we give to that company on buying their brands dealing with businesses. I may disagree in this case because the businesses know what they have but this is dealing with the environment that is being polluted because...

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