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    1 year, 5 months ago

    My reactions to the walkout were sad because people got hit and humiliated. since they spoke out for their voice to convey their rights to education. what stood out to me was that once students saw students going out to protest family decided to protest for their people. It gave me a way to support the people on how they were being treated to manifest their way to live for education in their human rights alternative. Who knows what would have happened if they stopped protesting? They just put a lot of effort to get to the insation of protests for freedom of using education for careers. They had many aspects of the way to get to now. Now that they want liberty for their country.

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    • I agree with you because if they would have stopped protesting and gave in the outcome of the situation would have came out very bad and there would have been no change. How i think the Lemon Grove Incident, A Tale of Two Schools, Taking Back the Schools and the Walkout connect with 2021 is by having to



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