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    Diana commented on the post, Final Goodbye.

    Dear: Josh
    I am surprised by your poem, “Final goodbye,” because I realized that we got to spend more time with the person we love the most. In any circumstance, I see you have to appreciate them even if they haven’t done anything. I really like your poem by the way. It brings an emotional feeling when seeing this. 
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    Junk food

    The article "The effects of fast food on the body" explains that fast food can have poisoning in our bodies. It is really important to maintain good genetics in our system when consuming food. Between 2013- 2022 researchers have...

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    • Dear Diana, I was intrigued by your post ” junk food ” because fast food is an issue in the world, not the food itself but how frequently it’s consumed by Americans because frequently consuming fast food can lead to hear issues and other bodily issues. I believe people who frequently consume junk food or foods high in calories and low in nutrients need to look forward to a healthier lifestyle so they don’t end up with diabetes or other health issues. Thank you for posting Diana I look forward to another post you have in the future.

    • Dear Diana

      I am interested in your post “Junk Food” because I also believe in the dangers of the overconsumption of fast food. I believe this is a serious issue, especially for future generations here in the United States. The US’s obesity rate has continued to increase because of fast food’s easy access and convenience. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Start eating healthy and consuming better nutrients in our lives” I think this is true, but I believe the solution is not with the people themselves, but with the fast food companies who choose to provide these unhealthy choices to their customers. I believe this is because they do not care for the health of others, and only for the profit they make by selling desirable foods that aren’t the best choice for a healthy body.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because these issues should be addressed more often to the public. Generally, the problem with fast food isn’t acknowledged as much as it should be. I am glad you addressed this issue

      Cindy Garcia

  • Dear Caroline, 
    I am amused by your post, “Climate Change & Gas Prices,” because it gives additional information on how climate can affect prices. It’s very sad that global warming can affect the way people live. 
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The increased gas prices, thought to spark a rush towards cleaner energy sources…Read More

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    Diana wrote a new post

    Death penalty

    The article "death penalty" states that some countries go against the death penalty for those that have been caught out of age 18 without them knowing that in 70 years they would be innocent. Europeans call this the...

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    • Dear Diana

      I am moved by your post, “Death penalty,” because this is and has been a very controversial topic for a while. There are many people who argue that the death penalty is justifiable and many who argue that it is cruel and unusual.I think this is powerful because there are many people who bend the rules or the law in their favor without considering how it might affect everything. People think that just because they can get away with something means that it’s okay to do it.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this was a very interesting topic and it seems we have similar interests. I would like to see what other topics you come across that I might also find interesting.

    • I absolutely agree with you, I think the concept of the death penalty is just revolting to think about. I recognize how controversial this topic is for some people, but for me, I couldn’t agree with your points more. something needs to be done to change the way we see other humans who do wrong, but death should never have been an option.
      I especially agree with the last line of your post, I feel like a lot of people in the law abuse their power and their needs to be changed.
      thank you for your writing here’s another article on this topic if you’d like to read

    • Dear Diana, I am very intrigued by your post that discusses the death penalty because the death penalty is a very serious topic because it deals with the taking of another human’s life. I believe that no human should have their life taken from them, no one should have a say in whether someone dies or not.
      What caught my eye the most in your post was how you discussed in your last paragraph how we need all eight amendments to combat this issue, and I wonder how all eight of those amendments will exactly help against this issue.

      Thank you for posting Dianna I look forward to seeing what other posts you post in the future.

  • Dear Ema :

    I am happy with your post, “Debates over Gun Control Laws in the United States,” because I accept the fact that people can be affected by guns. It makes less and decreases mass shootings from one group. I agree that the government should do something about this law. 

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “the bill…Read More

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