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    Dear Derrick,

    I am happy about your song called “JazzDanceBeat” because is fun to listen to.

    One part of your song that stands out for me is at second 21:01 this stood out for me because the beat changes.

    Thanks for your music. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because i like this.

    Best wishes with your art.


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    This text is telling us that people who live her should not have problems or an excuse to learn the English language because they were born there. If people live in the United States they need to speak English

  • Text and drive is bad because there has been a major accident in the world in this one of the main reasons most crashes are caused by people like you and me who think they can pay attention to the road and do

    • Cora replied 1 month ago

      Hi Dewry,
      I completely agree with you that texting and driving is a very bad thing. Over the past decade we have become addicted to our phones that we feel it needs to be a part of everything we do. What makes our phones so addicting? Do you think there will be less crashes if there is a decrease in people texting and driving? Here is a link to an article that talks about ways in which we can prevent texting and driving, https://www.vdriveusa.com/resources/how-to-avoid-texting-while-driving.php

  • The scary movies need to be removed from the internet because children see them and they can’t stop thinking about it. i dont like scary movies

  • I like playing PS4 because I like talking to my friends and playing with my brother. A lot of people think that playing PS4 is bad but I think playing PS4 is good because you can talk to your friends and play

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