• Marijuana has been driven into people’s minds as a harmful drug that can ruin one’s life.  It’s believed to send people down a hole of no motivation, more harmful drugs, major health issues, and laziness.  But

    • I believe that marijuana should be legalized in every state in the U.S. with it legalized everywhere people will not move into and overpopulate states that do currently have marijuana legalized.

    • The whole pot industry’s success is because of the substance’s exclusivity due to being illegal. This will hurt low income neighborhoods greatly by making a drug that only the poorest of individuals could produce without consequence, into a drug that big corporations can produce, providing little in the way for the poor. Now I see that the legalization of the substance is probably for the best, but you really need to understand the economic consequences of doing so. I also recognize that there would technically be economic benefits in some areas because it would create a much larger pot industry, providing jobs for a wider range of people, allowing some to be able to move up the ranks in a company improving their life more than if it was illegal.

    • Devin,
      I agree with you opinion that marijuana should be legalized. My sister who has epilepsy could really benefit from this. There has been dozens of researches done that have proven that it has great benefits. The legalization of this drug would greatly benefit my family, my sister, and maybe even my future. Here is a helpful link: https://www.epilepsy.com/learn/treating-seizures-and-epilepsy/other-treatment-approaches/medical-marijuana-and-epilepsy

    • Devin, I agree with all the points you made. I think that marijuana is extremely helpful in the medicinal sense, ranging from strains made for chronic pain to mental illness. One think that I understand about the anti-marijuana side is that the abuse of any kind of drug is harmful. When it comes to teens having access to marijuana, there has been many studies proven that marijuana has a great, harmful effect on the developing mind. Obviously teenagers will still have access to it, but with a more easily accessible process, I think there would be a bigger effect on how teenagers brains are functioning. One thing to think about: Is smoking weed as a teenager worth the possible brain underdevelopment? http://www.apa.org/monitor/2015/11/marijuana-brain.aspx

    • Dear Devin

      I am excited by your post, “legalize marijuana in montana,” because I can completely agree with your topics. There have been several studies showing that marijuana is safer than many pain treatments, such as opiods, while being less addicting. I’d also like to add that much of peoples concern from legalizing weed comes from the extremists, and with every society their will be extremists present.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Another added bonus to having marijuana legalized is having it government-regulated and safe for the public” I the way you said this is brilliant because currently, the United States is indirectly encouraging the black market by not legalizing weed. People will always aim to get drugs off the black market, and marijuana being government-regulated would mean that this weed is safe for the public, and wouldn’t encourage the growth of the black market, but rather the opposite. It would began to wane.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really believe more people should be aware about this issue, and are mislead by the news. You know, I don’t think a lot of people know of how medically benefical Medical Marijuana is, or it would already be legalized.

      The one thing I disagree with you about, is that for the reasons you mentioned, Marijuana should not be only legalized in Montana, but throughout the whole United States.

      Best Regards,

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