• Hello, Aurora!

    I think that most people would (and should) agree with your letter.
    The first two sentences did a really nice job introducing your letter. They stood out for me because I think that we can directly relate these two sentences to the POTUS. After Charlottesville, Trump neglected to take a strong and clear stance. I think that this…[Read more]


    Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Devin, and I come from the metro Detroit suburbs of Michigan. I am a current senior at Michigan State University that is interested in the equal treatment of others.

    • This is a very hopeful message. The solutions may be slightly vague, but these a very complicated topics. I wouldn’t expect any one person to have all the answers. I agree that peace must be stressed in every situation. Whether we’re talking about foreign or domestic issues, America is not typically known for its inclination for peace. We are waging unjust wars abroad and refusing to adequately deal with domestic issues like gun violence and police brutality. You could definitely say this world needs some peaceful solutions right now. Overall, nicely written, Devin.

    • Dear Devin,

      I agree with your post about the leaders of America. I do believe what you aid about whites having more privilege and whites not experiencing hatred because of their race. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was “One day, I hope that all of America can see the light that diversity brings us. ” This was very interesting to me because this is all that America needs and what everyone should understand that diversity is apart of life and everyone should be accepted for who they are regardless of color. I love the image behind the message because people all all different shapes sizes and colors which is the main focus of what you were discussing. You have excellent writing and I enjoyed reading this.

    • I agree with you, we need to treat everyone equally, sadly our country is in a tough time where our leader does not even support the people of our country. Hopefully we can find a change soon and fix inequality in this world.

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