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  • @destinyslabeeber Hi Destiny,
    Try the new Tourmaline on paragraph 95 of the second part/drop.
    Let me know what you think… edit it if you would like…

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    The Help of AI

    The AI support from Youth Voices is going to create the following. I copied and pasted my comment from the reading of "Long Division" by Kiese Laymon. I have provided the name of the section that was used, as...

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    • Your analysis of the three themes in the text is well thought out and well-organized. You’ve effectively captured the essence of the Power of Language, the Impact of Abuse, and the Strength of Resilience. For future analyses, consider exploring the mystery you mention at the end regarding the speaker’s anger and their use of language. Delving deeper into the motivations and story behind the speaker’s emotions could add further depth and understanding to your analysis. Overall, your writing is clear, concise, and engaging. You’ve demonstrated a strong understanding of the themes present in the text and have effectively connected them to the reader’s comments. Keep up the great work in your future analyses!

    • The comment where you highlight the powerful impact of language on our emotions and well-being really interested me! Words can be used to build someone up or tear them down, and verbal abuse can be particularly damaging because it attacks a person’s sense of self-worth and identity. It’s important to recognize that words have the power to hurt and that we should use them carefully and responsibly. The second quote about the person ranting and using words to express their frustrations also emphasizes the importance of being mindful of the language we use. While it’s understandable to feel frustrated and want to express our emotions, we need to be careful not to harm others in the process. It’s possible to express our feelings in a constructive way that doesn’t involve verbal abuse or demeaning language. Your text truly highlights the impact of language on our lives and emphasizes the need to use words carefully and responsibly. Verbal abuse can cause deep psychological harm, and we should all strive to be mindful of the language we use and how it affects those around us. By being more aware of our words, we can create a more positive and supportive environment for ourselves And others 

    • Great job on analyzing and summarizing the themes in this book. It’s always inspiring to see how literature can be used to explore complex issues such as the power of language, the impact of abuse, and the strength of resilience. Your thoughtful comments provide valuable insights into the text and demonstrate a deep understanding of its themes. Keep up the good work!

    • Destiny I enjoy how you express satire as a language of power that is used to express emotions and thoughts creatively. I also like how you divided “Long Division into three main themes that spoke to you. Your post is strong on its own but something that could improve it would be changing the AI saying “destiny comment” to making it your writing. Lastly, I like how you choose themes and connections that relate to you not themes that are just there.

    • Your writing clearly analyzes three important factors of this book. I also like how you stated that AI helped you rather than doing the work for you. While AI puts the words together for you, you have to give it a solid outline of what you want it to talk about and I feel that you did a good job doing that.

    • Your take on the power of language in Long Division is interesting and gave me a new view of the book. I like how you included how language can be weaponized against another person. I think one piece of advice would be to just include who says the quote so reader’s can have a clear understanding. Also I think that you AI picture was fitting to your theme of language well as language is what connects us to one another.

    • Though it also requires careful consideration of the moral issues involved, the use of AI in image processing and manipulation has created exciting new opportunities for artistic expression and self-discovery.

    • I like how your image fits with your message and ideas about artificial intelligence, and I like how you said that AI supported your thoughts and helped you build your work to make it better than it was, rather than you letting AI do the work for you and only having a computer write your thoughts, I feel that it is more authentic, and I like how you gave AI a clear idea of the topics you want it to cover in order for it to put the words together for you.

    • Your approach to capturing the different themes in Long Division is direct and specific, I love that! Also, the citations really go together with your commentary and you do a good job of tying it back to your thoughts. You could even be more specific with your thoughts, by revising your repetitive language and providing new perspectives that revert to your beginning statement. Your examination really targets the main themes and I absolutely love how you end off with inquiry.

    • I enjoyed reading how well you analyzed and summarized the themes in this book. Not even just your writing your image is also connected with your writing very creative of you. Your perspective on the power of language in Long Division is intriguing, and it has given me a new perspective on the book. I like how you mentioned how language can be used to harm another person.

    • It’s really interesting to see the interpretation by the AI of your comments and annotations on the book. The second interpretation names “The Power of Abuse” really stuck out to me and the AI actually made some really good points. “This quote highlights how words can be weaponized and used to inflict psychological damage on another person.” This quote specifically was one of my personal favorites and I think you can make a lot of real-life connections to the quote.

    • Your analysis and summary of the themes in the book were enjoyable to read. Your creativity was evident not just in your writing, but also in the way you presented your ideas. I found your perspective on the role of language in Long Division to be thought-provoking, as it highlighted how language can be a tool for causing harm. Your insights have given me a fresh perspective on the book.

    • I wanted to take a moment to express how much I enjoyed reading your analysis and summary of the themes in this book. Your writing is not only well-crafted, but your image is also connected with your writing in a very creative way. Your unique perspective on the power of language in Long Division is truly intriguing, and it has given me a whole new way of looking at the book. I appreciate how you took the time to highlight how language can be used to harm another person. Your insights have helped me see this novel in a new light, and I feel like I have a deeper understanding of its themes and messages because of your thoughtful analysis. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    • I really enjoyed reading your analysis of the three themes: the themes of the power of language, the impact of abuse, and the strength of resilience. The like how you emphasized how language can be used to express complex emotions and thoughts, but also how it can be used to demean and belittle others. I also appreciate how your text highlights the strength of resilience and how individuals can find strength in their lives despite the difficulties they may face.

    • You did a fantastic job of analyzing and condensing the numerous ideas found in the novel. It is genuinely amazing how literature can be used to explore complex subjects like the power of language, the effects of abuse, and the tenacity of resilience. Your insightful comments provide insightful insights into the work and show a deep understanding of its underlying concepts.

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    I love your references and your connections. I enjoyed reading this.

  • I agree that women have experienced oppression as well, notably with relation to their control over their bodies. Women have fought against the dominance of their bodies through political activity, education, and medical advocacy. They have also worked to have their particular health needs respected.

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    Your video was very interesting and it spoke to me when he said “I’m black and i’m queer” because when I enter a room of people I don’t know, I always remind myself who I am. I am Black and I am Strong.

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