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NFL to Hire More Diverse Coaches

This article regarding NFL coaches titled, “NFL to Hire More Diverse Coaches” states plenty of information individuals need to know about the lack of diverse coaches. Have you ever noticed that in the NFL we usually see male coaches who are usually of the race white? This has been a major issue in the NFL because there is little few […]

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Ukraine Asks for More Help and Biden Responds

This article, “Ukraine Asks for More Help and Biden Responds” explains the horrific events that are occurring in Ukraine involving the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has already fired more than a thousand missiles at Ukraine and has also used bombs and drones to murder Ukrainians. This issue is being compared to Pearl Harbor. Zelensky is not only asking […]

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COVID Vaccine Approved for younger children

In the article, “COVID Vaccine Approved for younger children”, I learned that children under twelve have been too young to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. But all of that changed on October 26, 2021, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended vaccine distribution for children from ages five to eleven. The vaccine has been found to be 91 […]

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Thanksgiving Turkey and Traditions

In this article, “Thanksgiving Turkey and Traditions,” it explains about the traditional thanksgiving day and arguments about how a turkey is important. Families come together to celebrate thanksgiving. The traditional thanksgiving is having a turkey on the dinner table. Benjamin Franklin had an idea that the turkey should be the United States national bird. However, individuals such as George Bush […]

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College Athletes: To pay or not to pay?

In the article, “College Athletes to pay or not to pay”, it explains that football players should start getting paid for working hard. Although athletes get scholarship[s, they spend most of their time working hard and making the sport their “full time job”. Therefore, they should receive a check for being out their and putting their time and effort. The […]

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Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent

In the article, “Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent” I learned that daylight savings consist of a year round change that occurs during the winter time. Daylight savings can last up to eight months. It first took place in the 1900’s to save fuel during World War l. However, as beneficial Daylight savings may be, it can be argued that […]

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AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees

In the article, ¨AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees¨ (Stuff you should know) I am now aware that millions of dollars donated by individuals in which will be going to AirBn which is an organization used to help people find temporary places to stay either for a night or multiple depending on the situation which started in June 2021. In […]

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California School Vaccination Requirement

According to the text, California school vaccination requirements, since schools have started their reopenings, School districts want to make sure that each student is staying safe and this starts with procedures. What is that procedure? Well, the school districts starting as of October 15, 2021, are requiring students from K-12 must be vaccinated. This is for the teachers as well. […]

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