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    Dear James,

    Coral reefs are very important to ocean life. This is because they support one-fourth of all fish species on Earth. They also have protection for coastlines during storms. However, Coral reefs have been dying off due to the ocean temperature, overfishing, increasing carbon dioxide levels in the water, new development along coasts, and…Read More

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    College Athletes: To pay or not to pay?

    In the article, "College Athletes to pay or not to pay", it explains that football players should start getting paid for working hard. Although athletes get scholarship[s, they spend most of their time working hard and making the sport...

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    • Hi Destiny,

      I say athletes should be paid. Between games and practices, as an athlete hustling as a full-time job should be hit with a check. People feel like this is a great idea because it feels like the right thing to do, therefore promoting it. As athletes keep their own motives up, they push towards their goal… their own mission to success. Full-time athletes deserve to get paid, only if they actually put in work for the community. As they make an impact on the economy.

      For a New Era, NCAA made an announcement to allow athletes to receive payment. This must feel nice because when they heard this type of news, I bet excitement was taken part, one to one, back to back, emotions bang on each other. Happy lifestyle for good things happening while you get paid for doing something you love. Getting paid adds an extra greater feeling. On the other hand, if they didn’t get paid there would be different types of emotions.

      What would you think?…or feel

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    Dear Deysi,

    I am stunned at your post about Herd Mentality because it helps me to understand that peer pressure can play an important role in an individuals decisions. Also, trying to fit in is also a problem.

    One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me is that “A test was conducted in the 1950’s to test herd mentality, the results showed…Read More

  • Dear Dominick,

    I am impressed by your post Learning to find my own way because I can relate to it in many ways. We share lots of similarities.

    One sentence that stands out to me is that you mentioned how something happened to you that made you realize you can never trust someone to live up to your expectations. It stood out to me because I…Read More

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    Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent

    In the article, “Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent" I learned that daylight savings consist of a year round change that occurs during the winter time. Daylight savings can last up to eight months. It first took place in...

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