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  • I agree with most that you have said like how we should try to keep guns from people that are going to be dangerous but my question to you is how are we going to keep unregistered guns out of the hands of bad people? Since these guns are unregistered I feel that any restrictions we put on guns aren’t going to do anything since there is no way to…Read More

  • Derek commented on the post, The Sea of Monsters

    I saw your article and was immediately interested because I have watched the movie multiple times before. While reading through your article I have become more inclined to read the book, which is something I don’t do all the time, I usually just watch the movies. Thank you for sharing this post, I hope you have inspired others to read this book as well.

  • I like the quote from L. Robert Khols, “People are seen as separate individuals (not group members) with individual needs.” I like this quote because it can be applied to now where the action of one police officer is applied to all officers. People believe that all cops are racist now and are attempting to even kill officers that haven’t done a…Read More

  • I am happy to see someone else enjoys reading about “Lord of The Flies” as much as I did. This is a great book to read and I encourage everyone to read this book as it can open your eyes to what can happen when there is no one around to keep us in check.



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