• Dear Charlie

    I agree with your post “College can cost an arm and a leg, but it wasn’t always like this. What happened?” because it cost so much more money than what it used to. It can be scary how much more it cost a year in order to go to school. Without help of loans and benefactors, only a small number of people would be able to attend colle…[Read more]

  • Our American Culture is something that each and everyone of us see everyday. Whether or not we see it in ourselves or in those around us, it is ever present. As a society, there is a tendency to acknowledge

    • Hello, Cooper,
      I really like your work here! This is such an important topic to bring to light. It’s one we need to talk about more. Your book choice helps support your argument. You could’ve also discussed the movie adaption, too. Overall, though, amazing work! I would love to hear more of your evidence and thoughts surrounding this idea.

  • Hello Oscar, I liked that you talked about Americans being equal. You said “The country was a giant melting pot and everybody was accepted and lived together” which shows a value of equality. If you wanted to use a different document to also show values, you could find several examples in the Declaration of Independence that would also support…[Read more]

  • What does it mean to be an “American”? An American is someone who has values like equality, or beliefs like the American dream or a sense of American creed. Across American culture, there are several examples suc

    • Cooper,
      I like your closing statement. I think you are correct that even though we are different we can all be Americans together. I think you will find this reading about people coming together to vote for things even if they don’t see eye to eye on everything.


    • Hi Cooper, I like the way you have used Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian to show how one can have the opportunity to change their life, yet I think that it would be more concise if you went more in depth by using quotes from the book to show his earlier lifestyle. I find the last paragraph (the American Creed) very well developed, the phrases are very deep and informative, particularly the phrase, “you have to find pride in your country no matter who is there” shows the duty of Americans towards the nation, the unity regardless of one’s background. It shows the relationship between the citizens and the country, how they are both dependent on each other in order to provide the needs of a society. Do you think that today everyone in the U.S. are provided such opportunities equally?

    • Hi, Cooper, your post is impressive
      I highly agree with your opinion about the value and diversity of American. In American value, the most important think is everyone should be respect equally. The advantage of American value makes the American become the “melting pot” for all different kind of people. Lots of people who have a great goal and high motivation to be a better person will comes to America to achieve their dream, or “America dream”. I like the environment which is friendly to all the people no matter where you come. I think that’s on of the reason that makes America great.
      Here is a link for more info about American value, hope this can help you:

      Six Basic American Cultural Values

  • Hey Christian, I liked that you feel safe in your community and love how close knit it seems. Also, it might be sensitive for you to talk about, but I would like to know what happened in 2014 that almost caused you to die.

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