• Your future and your past are defining features inside of you that throughout your life will struggle and strive to coexist with one another. The question is quite a controversial one, however, not a new topic.

  • Danny,

    I liked your argument because it did state very well, the reasons for your choice in source, however, I believe that by using multiple sources you could strengthen your argument by showing consistency. Two other things that I think could help your argument deals with the phrasing you use. In your discussion you use a lot of short…[Read more]

  • American creed and values have been an ever changing concept, heavily  influenced by numerous factors that tend to change over time. Some would say that it’s human nature for people to strongly adhere to their co

    • Megan replied 1 month ago

      Bailey, this is very well written. I agree in the fact that American values differ to everybody. I loved how you narrowed down the answers to ” What are America’s values?” into subcategories.

    • Bailey, I agree with your point that the concept of American Creed is constantly changing and is very different than what it was in the past. Your piece is very well written and I really liked how you broke everything down while also making it very well organized. Good job.

    • Bailey,
      I love how you start this piece it is a really good “hook”. I also like your word choice it strengthens your argument. I also loved how you organized your piece.

  • Penelope,

    I appreciate your writing of this article, this is a very important issue that not many people recognize or act on to improve. I will say though, that I did find some things that I think you could use to improve your argument. One of the main things is to do a facts check, in your post you said that only 38 out of 50 billion water…[Read more]

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