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This line could have a lot of ambiguity in it because secrets between people can either be bad or good. I feel that way because people could stay together for either bad or good reasons.

This is a type of image that will stay with me. I said this because learning how two people can stay together could be interesting since it may be different for many people.

I like the connection used between the similarities of wind of the environment. It shows the author has some sense of the surrounding making comparisons with it.

This line helps sort of introduce an cadence. I say this because this line seems to give a calm mood that doesn't seem to bring any big messages or hints but instead making comparisons using the environment around them.

Seeing this actually i feel like would be nice. I said that because sometimes light shining on the water can be pretty.

Rise and Fall of Warriors #1

Agreed since people love to judge based of ability , people would obviously try to choose the paths for those kids , just like if a prodigy were to exist people would be hunting for them for own profit and status

Giving good education was rare in the past many worked really early in their years , society in the past wasn't built to help everyone espically those that were poor or not rich

Agreed back then money and status was basically everything, having those would make life 100% better but most didn't have it due to the corrupt way society was back then and still is to this day.

This seems to be a gift which i hope gets liked by Their mom

I agree , instead of hiding the fact she will declare it which is something most can't do dull to being overly shy which is something that's fine because im the same.

Couples tend to do that when they're really shy , Since for some reason when you don't look or they don't look things get a lot less awkward. Though some aren't shy about it most are.

This reminds me of when i was forced to go to church but instead it wasn't a religion praying Jesus but instead another.

Some people mostly kids from what ive seen either go to church because they like going (not for the religious part of it) or because they're forced to go because the parents make them.

Sundays may be the best day most likely because its the final break day before school making kids/adults want to make the most out of it

I agree and adding on this really proves that women were treated extremely harshly in the pass for absolutely no reason.

I think this means , that the kids are either being kidnapped or something really bad happening to them.

This reminds of me of me and many other people ive known. Being in trouble is something that not just effects people negatively but can lead to even worse decisions made by that. Being in Trouble puts people in a panicing mind set.

I agree and i'll add on with that animals lie vultures seems to like to taunt on their victims/prey , so possibly implying that some would make the money just to brag to the people who couldn't make as much as them.

I like this comparison , it really shows the knowledge he has for both of these places and comparing them gives you a better image of the place.

I think this means that they thought that being alone was something that made him feel better which is something many people have so I don't believe it would be their fault if they interpret it wrong

The Main point of this Paragraph is some sort of self questioning, This person continues to tell themselves that everything that happens to them is reasonable since if it didn't why would it happen in the first place.



agreed not safe

agreed seems reasonable

agreed aint good to be drinking if shes pregnant

how much did they before , just wondering

yep i agree


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