• Dear Li,
    I really like the fact that you chose the topic of depression. I heard a lot about chronic depression recently. I think it is becoming a big issue in our country and our world. I kind of agree with your argument that young people are not mature enough to make good choices. I totally agree that people take drugs which is a bad choice. I…[Read more]

  • I felt very well after using the stress management technique I chose:listening to music. It gave me a sense of relief and happiness. I felt more productive and happier. When I listened to music when I was taking a

  • Through reading and researching, I learned that there are many ways to cope with stress. One of the ways I found most attractive was listening to music. This is the one I already do and I feel like it helps. I

  • -Finals week is coming up and lot of people are stressed. I feel stressed when I have a lot of homework from school. Also, I feel stressed when there are multiple tests in a same day. Not getting enough sleep

    • Dear Dean,
      I am intrigued with your post, “Max Stress During Finals” because I can personally relate to it especially
      being a senior and all everything seems to pile up. I am also experiencing a lot of what you mention as I lack sleep because of homework which I can now say leads to my stress. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “It was interesting to learn that stress shrinks your brain and also hurts your memory”. I think this is so accurate as I experience it and catch myself remembering things I just did or learned the day before. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you wrote about a common issue that affects many. And since I personally related to it I look forward to your next post.

  • The fictional novel, All American Boys, written by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, focuses on the topic of police brutality in America. The book progresses from the false accusation of an individual African

  • Hey Ej, first of all, I really like the picture you used. I strongly agree with what you said about meaning of being American. We are all unique and we try to make things better. I also believe that every American has some value to contribute to our society. The idea of working hard and achieving their dream is one of my key ideas too.

  • I agree with your point that we value freedom, equality and opportunity. I strongly agree that opportunity is the biggest part of America. Lot of people come to the United States to achieve their American Dream. I like your article overall and there’s some good ideas.

  • Hey Praneeth, I strongly agree with you that we regard United States as the greatest country in the world. I agree with you about the value you stated here. I also said equality as one of the values we need to live by. I like your argument and stuff but I think it is a little short.

  • What exactly is American creed? American creed is subjective; it is based on the individual’s cultural background, personal experiences, and beliefs, amongst other factors. As a Korean-American, my unique in

  • I also heard about these parents having wrong information and treating kids in their own way. I agree with you that they are trying to protect their children’s health but instead they are exposing them to diseases that could be easily avoided. I also hope people get the right information so they no longer goes against vaccines.

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