• Chicago’s Casino should be located 31st and Lake.  Putting Chicago’s Casino on 31st and Lake would be an advantage to the Chicago South Side because the old hospital Michael Reese used to be there, but now its

  • We choose the topic weed legalization because the percentage of weed users are 6.7%. In 2007, 2.1 million people smoked weed. By legalizing it , it would increase the wealth in poor neighborhoods and

    • I think weed should be legal under certain circumstances. Depending on the person.

    • I agree with this because th drug is already used for medical purposes and no one person has ever overdosed.

    • I think the legalization of weed can do a lot to fix our justice system by getting rid of possesion and distribution charges and economicaly speaking it can a huge benifit adding more industry to aggriculture and the medical field.

    • Deshawn,

      This article definitely caught my attention because it was a viewpoint I haven’t had the chance to hear from before! Your article was overall logical, detailed and persuasive. I was especially surprised at the part where you mention “This is “power compounded” because it give power to the people with power and it also gives power to the powerless. By legalizing weed it will decrease the crime rates and war on drugs with policies. Legalizing weed will increase the population of people that use it. Looking at the Government, the local or state legislative branches can legalize weed for smokers that’s 21 and smokers that’s above the age of 21.” Not only would legalizing weed help benefit the economy but also decrease the crime rates. You might find this article interesting “https://www.heritage.org/crime-and-justice/commentary/why-we-shouldnt-legalize-marijuana” because it provides a different viewpoint. I am excited to read more of your work!


    • Cool post man! I would have to agree on most things you said. There is no reason to outlaw a substance that does not pose any risk. For more info check this out. https://www.dea.gov/drug-scheduling

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