• Dear readers,

    Technology has advanced very rapidly over the years. To some, the idea of technology is scary, however others find it exciting and innovating. Robots and computers will only benefit the human race

  • Dear Cesario,
    I appreciate the information of net neutrality because I was a bit confused on what it was and who it affected. I also agree that we should fight for it since it’s a disadvantage for low income communities who may find it difficult to pay for the internet. Thank you for focusing on this topic and giving important information about…[Read more]

  • Dear Yojana,
    I appreciate you bringing this problem to the eye of people. I recently was spoken about gentrification and was appalled by how much it affected the people living in these communities. Your article has made me much more educated on this topic. Thank you for sharing your ideas and solution for gentrification in Oakland.

  • Dear Esme,
    This comic is very creative. I love your simple yet interesting drawings. Thanks for sharing this story through pictures. Hope to see more comics from you.

  • Dear Manuel,
    Thanks for your writing. My history class is currently learning about the holocaust, however we didn’t focus much on human experimentation done by Nazis, so your article was helpful in understanding other inhumane things done on Jewish people.

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