• Dear Pharmacies and Health Care Workers,

    “Painkillers, such as Vicodin and OxyContin, are the most abused prescription drugs. These drugs can produce effects similar to heroin”(Turning point center). Her

    • I love your post. This is a real life issue that needs to get solved. I am emotional towards these topics. I applaud you for talking on this topic and your opinion on this topic. I look forward to seeing what you post next.

  • Thank you for reading my blog it’s very appreciated. I also agree with you on how everybody is human and deserves to be helped. What do you think is another solution to help homelessness ?

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        Dear Jesus,
        I think your post was good and influential in a way because you brought up the fact that somebody traded in their gun because of a shooting. A line that stood out to me was ”I’ve got kids, man,” said Hurtado, who works at Waste Management in Oakland and has children ages 14, 10, 6 and 1. Hurtado was among hundreds of Bay Area resid…[Read more]

      • “In the count taken in January using federal guidelines, Oakland had 861 sheltered people and 3,210 unsheltered people, bringing the estimated number of homeless people to 4,071. In 2017, Oakland had 859 s

        • Dear Dayanara,
          Like you, I believe that if we give a helping hand, we could get rid of homelessness. When you say “Providing rent assistance alone can prevent homelessness by a big amount. Rent is increasing by a drastic amount in the Bay Area so if people that are struggling to keep their homes are assisted then we can prevent them from becoming homeless”, it reminds me of other articles that I have read. I agree that rent is the main reason for many problems like homelessness, but we also have to keep in mind that usage of drugs might be involved. You said that “Once they are moved in they can receive help with getting back on track”, but should this be the way we do things? Or should we start with finding the homeless who are addicts and help rehabilitate them before getting them into homes where they might harm their neighbors? In the article The Crisis – Oakland Homelessness Response, it states that “California accounts for 50 percent of the nation’s homeless population.There are many reasons behind these staggering statistics. Skyrocketing housing costs, a housing inventory deficit, and a decrease in state funding are all contributing forces.” There is not enough state funding so if you are not able to get the tiny homes in your plan, do you think that getting the government to give the homeless their own park to live in tents would be the second best option? How will you get the state to fund for these tiny homes and where would you build them, and how will you make sure that the rent doesn’t get too high? This article was a great read, thank you for writing it.

        • Dear Dayanara, the statistics you’ve provided really did startled me. The idea of building tiny houses and turn vacant homes occupied is a goal we as a community in Oakland should accomplished; to decrease the growth of homelessness in our city. You’ve said, “If they can obtain more volunteers to build the tiny homes, than the faster they can move homeless people into the home so they can adapt to the new change of having a home.” Participation and volunteers is the key to building these tiny houses and occupied vacant homes. But if nobody is willing to advocate this huge issue in Oakland, homelessness will just continue to spread. Not only that but these innocent homeless people have a higher chance of dying by the age of 50 than those that have shelter. According to an articled named Oakland’s Homeless Americans Die Uncounted As Mayor Protects Illegal Immigrants, it reads, “It should go without saying that homelessness elevates an individual’s risk of illness, injury and death. Having little access to health care or healthy food, even homeless people living in milder climates like, for example, the Bay Area, pass away decades earlier than people who have access to housing and health-care” (Durden). Due to the lack of health care or just anything that’s healthy, increases their chance of dying or having serious health issues later in life. If we don’t have participants to help reduce homelessness growing in our city, tons of innocent people will die. How will we motivate Oakland residents to help solve this huge problem? Thank you for writing this, Dayanara. Your statistics clearly connect to your points.

        • Homlessness is now seen so much all around the world. And it is hard to believe how the United States hasn’t been able to help those who are homeless in our own country.Yes, prices have gone up drastically that it is even hard for people who work and have their own jobs. In Oakland, and California, there is a lot of homeless people all around and it is very upsetting because these people all have the opportunity to work but for specific reasons, they are on the streets. We are all humans and we all need a helping hand.

          • Thank you for reading my blog it’s very appreciated. I also agree with you on how everybody is human and deserves to be helped. What do you think is another solution to help homelessness ?

            • Dear dayanara, I think your post was interesting because it is important that not every where peoples have homes. I agree with you because Oakland needs to do something for this peoples. Maybe if many people read your blog it will change their feelings and they will do more for Homeless.Thanks for writing and keep it up.

            • Hello Dayanara, your writing is very important, i’m sure to a lot of people in Oakland and would also want to make a change for the homelessness in Oakland. Something you said that stands out for me is “Oakland had 859 sheltered people and 3,210 unsheltered people.” Also the sentence “In 2017, Oakland hd 859 sheltered people and 1,902 unsheltered residents, a total of 2,761.” This is important information for people to know so they can find solutions for homeless people. Thank you for sharing your sharing your writing. I look forward on seeing more on your writing.

          • When people look at me, they see a Hispanic female, that looks emo according to everybody. While only two of these assigned identities are true, they don’t tell a stranger who I really am. The black on the

            • Hi I am an Freshman in college at San Jose state university and was reading your blog. I love how you showed who you are to people that is deeper than the surface level ideas that many people have. By getting to know who you are I was able to open my eyes about how you are not the person that a majority of people perceive you to be.

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