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  • Dear Cristina,

    I really like your piece. I did not know this about you, so I learned something new about you. It sucks that the other students used to judge you just because you were from Oakland. I really like that you did not let that bother you and you were proud to be from Oakland. I’m glad you did not stay in San Fransisco because you got to…Read More

    • Dear David,

      I had no idea that this happend to you. This comic you created moved my heart. I liked how you and your sibilings stayed together no matter what. Even if the situations is your parents seperating. When you mentioned the phrase “whatever it happens we will always stick together” that just show me how strong your connections are with your brothers. Not a lot of people have this and I hope you recognized that you’re very lucky. I hope this connection is growing even stronger and that it’ll never stop. Wish you the best. Peace dude.

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    David commented on the post, Falling In Love With Soccer

    Dear Saul,

    I really like your piece because you talk about your brother and that has to do with family dynamics and you also talk about love and how you love soccer. I only wished that you still enjoyed playing in the rain like you used to. I want to hear more from you life experiences. Pues chido guey.

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    David commented on the post, 2 Trips

    Dear Gerardo,

    I really like your memoir piece “2 Trips” because I got to know you a little better from reading your piece. I never knew that you were a quiet kid because to me, you are very outgoing. It seems that these trips really helped you step out of your comfort zone. I really liked that you helped others and that you enjoyed doing it. We…Read More

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    I can only describe my family one way. Hardworking. My dad wakes up everyday at 5 or 6 am in the morning, works a very physical job as an electrician for around 12 hours. My mom cleans houses and teaches a Zumba

    My Family

    I can only describe my family one way. Hardworking. My dad wakes up everyday at 5 or 6 am in the morning, works a very physical job as an electrician for around 12 hours. My mom cleans houses and...

    Read More
    • Dear David,

      All the other memoirs I’ve read are poems. Your piece was different, you wrote it in paragraph forms. I learned a lot about your family and everyone role in the family. I enjoyed your writing. You are a really good writer, keep it up!

    • Dear David,

      I enjoyed reading your unique writing style and especially the part where you described your life as an open book. It’s really nice to know where you come from and why you do the things you do. This is proving the person you are today will do you best in the long run. I’d also like to join one of your mom’s zumba classes.

    • dear David,
      I really appreciate this piece of yours. It really shows a new side to you, and kinda explains why you seem to be happy most of the time. I like the figurative language you use when you write, “I thought about all the chapters of my life, and how my life book had just gotten bigger and more empty. Ready to be filled with my journey to happiness.” It just shows how optimistic yo are, and that you are ready to face anything thrown your way. You deserve so much happiness in your life, because I agree that you are strong and hard working. This shows so much about you, and how you came to be you.

    • Dear David,

      I really enjoy reading all your pieces of work you’ve done so far. They are very nice and creative. I like how you talked about your family and how you were open to talk about it because I know people don’t really like to open up and talk about their family situations. I am amaze of how good your work is and I hope you keep this uo and do even better. #Noeyebrowgand

    • David — This is more of a description of your family than a memoir / short story about them… Can you choose ONE moment from your family’s life that shows how hardworking they are? I would plan to revise BEFORE you submit your final draft of this piece.

    • Dear David,
      I really enjoyed this because my dad is also an electrician, so I know that it is very hard work. But I also related to this because my family and I are also immigrants, and this reminded me that we shouldn’t let that stop us from achieving our goals. keep up the good writing!

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