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  • Darriven commented on the post, Gangs in Oakland 1 year ago

    Dear Adrian, I am flattered by your post. Gangs in oakland is bad and someone should do something about them. – Darrive 🙂

  • Gangs in the United States


    “Criminals gang membership increased as much as 40% in the United States during the past three years, according to the FBI report released friday. An estimated 1.4 million people ar

    • I disagree with you that your title seems unnecessary.

    • Gabby replied 1 year ago

      Hi there Darriven,

      I really enjoyed reading this! Gang violence has been a continuing issue among communities for years now and seems to never stop and just keeps growing. I agree with what you mentioned about enforcing programs to the youth in order to prevent them from joining a gang. It should be a goal to help these young people find other ways of dealing with their life problems or goals instead of joining a gang. I also agree with the fact that parents have a lot to do with gang temptation. Without parental guidance or support, children tend to do things in a way that should not be done, such as joining a gang.

    • Dear Alexander,

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