• We all knew that this year was going to be one to remember being seniors, ready to graduate, to move onto the next chapter of our lives, to live it up, and make memories of a lifetime. We never expected to stay

  • Dear Jasper,
    I agree that right now America does not seem like a melting pot and that is frustrating. Even as someone who can fit into the conventional definition of an American I find it extremely hard to be patriotic especially considering how divisive the political atmosphere currently is. I would love to hear your opinion on if our system can…[Read more]

  • The most recent source I went through was a video about person-centered care from the Univerity of Michigan Hospital. This source was very impactful because I’ve been reading about this concept for so long that i

  • The three sources I annotated fill in the gaps of my proposed problem-solution essay. My issue is all about nursing home residents and their quality of life. It seems as though in today’s society we pay far m

  • Alysa,
    I knew this issue was bad but I had no idea to the extent in which it went. It is crazy to hear that the top 1% have half of all the nations income. I definitely believe we need to tax the rich more to balance the economy somewhere back to when the rich had 1/3 of the nation’s income… after all they can afford it! As this gap intensifies…[Read more]

  • One group we don’t pay near enough attention to is our elderly. Many of them reach a point that they can no longer take care of themselves and become residents in a nursing home. Researches have discovered that

  • Cesar,
    I think your essay is both well written and discusses a pertinent issue in our country. My mom is a teacher here in Utah and we have similar problems. Teachers, especially those in early elementary, are paid barely enough to get by. As a singer mother my mom regularly lives paycheck to paycheck and we get by just fine but I know that even…[Read more]

  • Hi Cora!
    First off I thought your post was very interesting because I never knew there were so many variations of vegetarians and I had no idea that we could cut down greenhouse gasses that much! I would like to read another post by you discussing what approaches are the most beneficial for converting meat eaters into healthy vegetarians. In fact…[Read more]

  • In California, the housing market has skyrocketed in price. A month’s rent for a small apartment can be around 1,400 dollars. This is especially problematic for Californa’s foster youth as they prepare to leave

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    Your essay does a great job of depicting how complex families are. There is something that bonds us together no matter how many struggles we may have to face. I think your book also brought up an important issue. Who’s needs come first: your own or that of the greater good? I wonder who you would have brought back to life given the chance! I…[Read more]

  • Your story is so amazing, I can’t believe how hard it would be to leave everything behind but you are proof that it is possible to succeed in a new place. I love how you could either read your story like normal or see it through the views of a comic. I bet it took a lot of time and it makes your story so multidimensional to a reader. I’d love to…[Read more]

  • Cooper,
    We actually talked about this in AP Gov today. It’s such an interesting division among the American people that has caused us to move into to different neighborhoods and even go to different coffee shops. The division among us has become so deep-rooted it’s almost subconscious to gravitate towards those who agree with you. I’d love to see…[Read more]

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    I find it interesting how you don’t believe autobiographies paint a true picture of a person. In a sense I guess you’re right! A writer can cherry-pick through all the fact of their lives to find the ones they would like to be know by. This makes me curious, how effective do you believe your short autobiography is or did you knowingly leave out…[Read more]

  • I think you put some really good points across, though I would make sure to quickly read over what you submit because you said, “so, is healthy food really more expensive than healthy foods?” and I totally get what you meant to say but I think the added clarity of proof reading would make your points shine even more. I’m also curious if you think…[Read more]

  • This first article was written by Nicholas Stephanopoulos in his efforts to address the voting crisis in America. Though more and more people become eligible to vote every year our voter turnout is the lowest

  • I found this to be a very interesting idea and a concept that definitely rings true in this day and age. So much of status is equated with wealth so it’s no surprise people want to accumulate more items that make them feel ‘important’ at least until they look at their bank statements haha! I’m curious if you yourself live a minimalistic life or if…[Read more]

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    That’s great how you have worked up the ladder in journalism! I also find my self in a manic episode of creativity… starting something and then not being able to stop haha! Except, my passion is painting rather than writing, I find it gives me a good outlet when I am spiraling down the tunnel of existentialism. It sounds like journalism gives…[Read more]

  • I’m interested in my Generation, gen z, and how we form relationships considering we are the first generation to grow up with smartphones and social media from childhood. Generation Z is loosely identified as t

    • As a member of Gen Z myself I too wonder about how our solely unique upbringing will affect us as a generation in the future. Since smartphones have really only been around for fifteen years we really can’t have any idea about the long term effects of them on developing brains. One thing I know for sure though is that it doesn’t make me personally more lonely it’s more a tool of connecting with other people, albeit not a way that other generations are used to.

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