• Suicide among our youth in America is an important issue that needs to be brought to attention and discussed. This topic is important to me because I am a teenager in high school and this issue can affect many

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      Hi Darian,
      I just wanted to say that I found your writing really interesting and informative and agree with everyone you have to say. I would just like to say that, first off, it was very well written. I think that teen suicide is a very serous topic that definitely needs to be addressed more in schools and in teens. It is something that people deal with everyday. One thing that you said that really striked me was in your second paragraph. The sentence: “Suicide is very widespread and affects many people but we choose to ignore this up until it happens to someone we know and then acknowledge it.” That really hit me. I totally agree and think that a lot of people choose not to say anything about it because they haven’t dealt with it on the level other people have. All of your statistics in the third paragraph also really got to me because it is so sad that there are so many people loosing their lives to suicide and so many families dealing with it, but people still won’t talk about it. Another thing that you brought up was the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” This show definitely drew up a lot of controversy and really hit hard with people. I agree with you when you say how they were just trying to draw attention to suicide but instead it got overshadowed because people believed it was too graphic and glorified suicide in a way.

      Now, at my school, suicide is a very serious topic. One thing that my school does is hold assemblies and they have professionals come in and talk to us about the issue. It really helps and shows students that they have resources to help them. I live in Utah and another popular thing we have is the “Safe UT” app and kids can contact professionals at any time, if they need to talk/are feeling suicidal in any way. They really try and implement all of these things in us, and it is really helpful. Maybe, you could do something like this at your school too and talk to ur administration about doing something like this. It is a hard topic to discuss, but one that needs to be discussed. If you do choose to expand and write more about this topic, then I’d be really interested in seeing other things that you add!


    • Dear Darian
      this topic is very hard to touch on knowing so many people that can get triggered by this. explaining how this is a big issue and how it makes people feel was very important because of how serious this topic is and how dangerous it is to touch on. You made a lot of valuable points and i agree with how you focused on the main idea. Good work.
      – Cory Escobar

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