• My Mother and Her Death

    My mother’s death. It sounds so cliche. Maybe that’s why a mother’s death is cliche. It’s so important to the child. My mother was a heavy smoker and an alcoholic. She was a beautif

    • This story was so intriguing, I couldn’t stop reading it! I am so sorry that you and your family had to experience this tragic death of a family member. My grandma was a smoker as well and died in hospice, so I know a little bit about what it is like. However, I can’t imagine what you went through growing up in a home with a parent addicted to alcohol and smoking, and then watching them die in front of you. I hope that you are healing from this emotional journey, and thank you for sharing this personal story.

    • Thank you for sharing your story , i hope the pain eases one day

  • Hi Julissa, I am a teacher and I thank you so much for writing about this important issue. I have often thought about why we, as humans, are so afraid of “the other.” I have not done any research about this, but as you pointed out, I wonder if we humans are hardwired to be afraid of “the other” for protection? The other does not look like me. The…[Read more]

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