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  • Daniel commented on the post, Competition

    It’s Crazy to think that trying to be the best, at something can Cause stress, which can lead to great strain on your body. Although it may seem friendly, it can be challenging, and break relationships. I appreciate how you do your work, and state that your parents expect the same from both you, and your sister due to their expectations.

  • I agree with your statement, that stress is bad for the Body. It is also bad for the mind, and soul due to the fact that stressing over anything may lead to sickness and disease. Getting a good night’s rest is also key, to relieving stress, sadly I’m one who can’t lay off the caffeine, but I totally agree with you.

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    Family Is Important

    During these hard times what we need more is Family. May it be by the relation of Blood and Genes, or a group of people so close they consider each other family. Family is important. No matter if you...

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  • Daniel commented on the post, Empathy

    Dear Rory

    I like how you connected the term Empathy, with Wreck-it Ralph. Many people indeed confuse this with Sympathy. Although one has Comfort in others, the other Just try to confine with the feeling of another. Empathy is used to show the relationship between one another, and Sympathy just tries to copy so you can try to understand someone.

  • I agree with being responsible for a handgun, but it’s not a matter of owning one. The age requirement for having a gun in California is 21, yet its purpose should be for self-defense only. Not just because someone wants to show off, nor should they be allowed to pull a trigger for no reason at all. I agree that Police Officers overdue their ¨Gun…Read More

  • Daniel wrote a new post

    Legalize Weed......... Yes/No?

    These days with political issues on the rise, there is still one that has not been answered.  And that is if Marijuana should be legalized?  To this day people either aren't sure or they have changed their minds about...

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    • I do agree with you that it should be used as medical purposes rather than just for other uses and that it’s not a debate but a setback. To be honest it’s true that it is a setback. The people who use it without medical purposes do set back the legalization for the ones who need/use it because it helps them. I actually really like what you said about everything. This is what they should do rather then make it legal for everyone as that will just make marijuana look bad because of the people who use it for other ways. But if you look at it this way that if they legalize it, it would make the world better rather then worse because then people who need it can use it without having to have all theses extra steps to get it.

    • While think doing anything illegal is wrong, I think a path towards the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana is a step in the right direction. Marijuana has been shown to be addictive in only severe cases or marijuana use disorder. For an average consumer it would be no more addicting than caffeine or alcohol (National Institute of Drug Abuse).

    • This is a good post, while I do not agree with the main point of the argument that weed should not be legalized, I think you bring up some underrepresented points in the conversation around legalizing marijuana. ” Yet with evidence from Health departments, it is stated that the problem with Weed isn’t its legalization debate, but the effects it has on the ones that abuse it.” I think this is a issue that isn’t discussed quite enough. Personally in my life, everyone who I know uses weed recreationally has no addiction or negative affects with it.

    • While you argue several smaller points in your argument, I do agree that marijuana should be used primarily for medical purposes. When you say “Yet with evidence from Health departments, it is stated that the problem with Weed isn’t its legalization debate, but the effects it has on the ones that abuse it”, there is a powerful message behind your statement. This brings in an important group in the issue and puts it next to your own opinion. This could be a very strong motivator for someone with a half-developed opinion on this topic to go with your opinion. I think you could research the effects on those who do not use it for medical purposes to improve your argument.

    • Daniel, I’m interested in your use of the word “addiction” in this sentence, “Although many use Marijuana illegally, cases have risen, and many people, including teenagers, have become completely addicted to the product. ” It seems that you may not have fully considered the facts of marijuana abuse and gateway drugs. Marijuana itself has a very now addiction chance, and it is directly tied to THC contents inside. In Amsterdam coffee shops, they found that with regulation, addiction rates lowered proportionally to the THC contents. Marijuana is also considerably less addictive at 10% compared to alcohol (20%) and cigarettes (33%). I would be interested in another article from you talking about the gateway potentials of marijuana in teenagers.

    • This is pretty wrong but the opinion is still appreciated. Marijuana is not a naturally addictive substance. While many do get addicted to it despite it being a non-naturally addictive substance, it is still a rarity. I personally believe that recreational use of the drug is a bit dumb, I still understand the want to. It is far less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. Not one person has ever died from smoking too much weed. Snoop Dogg, for example, should be dead by now, if that was the case.

    • I think it might be beneficial to look deeper into the downsides of marijuana use, both recreationally and medically. I think there are a lot of valid points to support your claim that you fail to bring up in your discussion. For example, marijuana itself is not known to be as harmful as you describe, but its effects as a “gateway drug” highlight the extreme dangers of illegal substances. Personally, I don’t agree with your argument that marijuana should not be legalized, but I do think you could find better support for the claims mentioned.

    • I believe you make some solid points about how marijuana should be used medicinally, but I feel like you have either misinterpreted the data or do not have a full understanding of THC, while minorly possibly addictive (still sitting around 10%) marijuana is much more dangerous as a gateway drug than anything else, but legalization is at the age of 21 and with research either not done or fully supported on the negative effects of marijuana, that’s not a major problem you also say “Marijuana is a very serious drug based on the fact that with many smoking weed illegally, there isn’t much of a debate, but a setback” But I think it is very important to realize it as a very solid and much much safer alternative to opioids and opioid abuse.

    • Interestingly enough, I wrote my discussion posts on this same topic! I’m curious to see if you agree with all the arguments I made against its legalization, they’re mainly focused on recreational legalization (like yours). https://www.youthvoices.live/?p=110218 – I’ve got one in affirmation of legalization too, which is what I currently subscribe to.

  • Dear Lisa

    To be completely honest, In my opinion Nobody really knows what true crime is because if someone were to do something that is wrong in the eyes of others; yet someone else does the exact same thing, but they are Special ed; then they would be less likely to be in trouble. Yes I believe that it does promote a more flippant view on…Read More

  • Daniel wrote a new post

    Forms Of bullying?

    We all know modern society has outdone itself with all these new phones, games, tablets, etc.  Although we have all of these devices and they are used to make our everyday lives easier for the majority of us, yet...

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  • Daniel commented on the post, Another Attack?

    Dear Monserrat

    I agree, that these are hard times we live in, and that nobody saw this crisis coming. Personally, I was just looking at 2020 to be a New year/Decade, where I pull my act together, do what needs to be done so I can have a perfect life. Until Quarantine happened, and to me it was like life has fallen into a dark hole. I also…Read More

  • Daniel wrote a new post

    Watch out For Traffic!

    Dear Oakland Community I personally agree with you that Human trafficking is a tremendously serious matter because it can really happen to anybody, anywhere, at anytime.  No one knows who it is, nor are they suspicious of other people, because...

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    • Dear Daniel,

      I completely agree with you that there are many people being trafficked in Oakland and worldwide. And you never now if you are going to be the next victim. Meanwhile many people just want to spend quality time with their family and don’t want to have any problems. Also If you keep saying to yourself that you aren’t going to be a victim you don’t now that anyone can be trafficked.


    • I agree that human trafficking is a problem and can happen anywhere and anytime. It is important for communities to have discussions about this to keep people safe. I also agree that victims need just as much help and support due to the fact that it is a life changing experience and no one should have to live through that. With a close community comes a better way to keep people safe and comfortable.

    • Dear Daniel, I agree with the information you point out because human trafficking is a world issue at it could lead to mental health for the people that are affected of it. Human trafficking is something that is known around the world but it goes unnoticed at the same time, It just depends if your aware of your surroundings.



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