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    Daniel commented on the post, Thoughts on AI Usage

    It appears that your stance on the matter is somewhat divided. While acknowledging that AI can produce intriguing and potentially useful art, you also recognize its limitations in connecting various pieces of information, which can result in mixed-up details. The author suggests that if AI could improve in this area, it could generate compelling…Read More

  • I agree with this perspective as there are those who resort to using AI as a means of deception, rather than a tool for learning or enhancing our writing skills. I admire the statement you made, “AI can provide inspiration, and instruction, and assist students and individuals in generating last-minute revisions, tips, or ideas to further refine…Read More

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    Daniel commented on the post, The Help of AI

    I wanted to take a moment to express how much I enjoyed reading your analysis and summary of the themes in this book. Your writing is not only well-crafted, but your image is also connected with your writing in a very creative way. Your unique perspective on the power of language in Long Division is truly intriguing, and it has given me a whole…Read More

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    AI vs My Writing

    AI: I think using this thing in this class was definitely an interesting experience. Personally, I think it is useless. The AI essentially writing our essays is not adding any skills to the tools under my belt. If anything,...

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    • I understand where you’re coming from and it’s a very valid point. I agree that AI can take away creativity from writers and students may use it to complete an assignment quickly, rather than thoughtfully. Overall, the subject of AI in classrooms is very debatable and it really just depends on how one personally uses it. Not everyone has the same intention and most people effectively use it to improve their grammar and elevate their writing skills. AI has its pros and cons, it’s up to the person to decide whether they want to utilize the helpful aspect of AI or just want a scapegoat.

    • The use of AI in education is a topic of debate, and your post presents a valid opinion. While AI can automate certain tasks, such as writing essays, it does not necessarily contribute to the development of the student’s critical thinking and writing skills. Instead, it may encourage academic dishonesty and dependence on technology rather than personal effort.
      However, AI can be a useful tool for improving grammar and helping students identify errors in their writing. AI-powered software can provide instant feedback on grammar, spelling, and syntax, allowing students to correct mistakes and improve their writing skills. Additionally, AI can help students find better ways to present information and communicate their ideas effectively.

    • While it may seem like Al is doing all the work, it’s important to remember that Al tools are only as effective as the input they receive. Students still need to have a deep understanding of the topic they are writing about and need to provide the Al with quality content to work with. Additionally, using Al tools can help students learn new techniques and improve their writing skills. As for the point about using Al for grammar and presentation, this is an area where Al can be particularly useful. It can identify and correct grammatical errors, suggest alternative word choices, and even provide guidance on how to structure sentences and paragraphs for maximum impact. This can help students improve their writing skills and become more effective communicators.
      Overall, it’s important to recognize that Al tools have the potential to be valuable assets in the classroom, but they should not be seen as a replacement for human learning or as a shortcut to success. Instead, they should be used as a supplement to traditional learning methods to help students develop new skills and improve their performance.

    • You make a very good point. I agree that artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to sap writers’ originality and that students may use it to accomplish assignments fast rather than carefully. Overall, the use of AI in the classroom is a hotly contested topic that largely depends on the individual user. While not everyone uses it with the same goals in mind, the majority of people do so successfully to advance their writing abilities and improve their grammar. It is up to each individual to choose whether they wish to use AI’s positive aspects or just use it as a convenient excuse.

    • I understand the point of view you’re coming from, and I definitely think it’s valid. In the education system today, most kids are getting lower and lower test scores, and schools are seeing lower enrollment because kids aren’t finding the usefulness and fun in schools anymore, which is sad because years ago everybody was all happy to go and learn new things; now people will skip without even a second thought. Personally, I feel like AI is even iffier when it comes to grammar and punctuation because it is still wrong sometimes and will try to overcorrect the sentence, and then it doesn’t flow or sound right and messes up the flow of what’s being said. AI along with things in life in general, aren’t going to be perfect, but I do believe that we should learn how to properly edit our text ourselves so we can gain that knowledge and understanding.

    • I Love that you acknowledge the potential usefulness of AI in the classroom for certain tasks. The negative comment would be that the writer feels using AI to write essays is not a helpful tool for developing skills and may even promote cheating.

    • I really love your take AI. You point out the various flaws in AI, however, you also mention the usefulness and new experiences that come with it. I believe that AI works for people differently, for better and worse. It’s easy to depend on AI, although, it can lower your writing skills later on. However, if you use AI from time to time to check your writing, then I believe there is no harm done. Your take on AI was very different from others, which makes your view unique.

    • I adore your perspective on AI. Although you highlight AI’s various shortcomings, you also touch on its benefits and the novel experiences it can bring. I think that how AI affects individuals varies, both favorably and unfavorably. Although it can later impair your writing abilities, it is simple to rely on AI. However, I do believe there is a benefit to occasionally using AI to proofread your writing. 

    • Dear Daniel:

      I am impressed by your post, “AI vs My Writing,” because It shows the difference between someone skill level of writing and the writing of AI. This is a good example of how hard it is to tell from AI to someone writing.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I think using this thing in this class was definitely an interesting experience. I personally think this is useless.” I like this sentence because this is true. Kids will not be able to learn and grow If they keep using AI to cheat.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you give examples for it to be easier to understand. It is interesting to know more about how AI will affect education.


    • Writing comes from our own words, not a chatbot.

  • This was a very well-thought-out interpretation of this character thank you for sharing I enjoyed it!

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