• Dear Geno,
    Your poem is very interesting and inspiring to me. it is indeed a true fact that one thing is better than nothing. I hear a lot of people say “it’s better than nothing”. I usually hear people say “this is bad, but it’s better than nothing”. I would say that walking in a forest is better than nothing. thank you for writing.
    from Daniel

  • Let me introduce you to  to Oakland. I believe that Oakland is violent because of what I have seen in the city. On a daily basis all I see when I am driving down the streets are police cars in Oakland and when

    • Ingrid replied 1 year ago

      Dear Daniel,

      I like your blog because it has some good information and agree with you that violence in Oakland needs to stop. I agree with you that gun violence is also one big problem in Oakland and that it needs to stop. One thing you could of done better is maybe add more sources so you have more evidence to support your claim.


    • Calvin replied 1 year ago

      Dear Daniel, I love the topic of your blog. I think these ideas to stop and prevent violence are really smart. I totally think law enforcement should bond with the community. One question I have is that did this project actually lower gun violence percentages? And what other steps can we take to prevent gun violence inside our own community instead of just between police officers? Good job on your blog, Daniel.

  • Daniel commented on the post, Alcoholism 1 year, 1 month ago

    Dear oswaldo, your story inspiring. my dad also does drugs, so I know how you feel.but my dad is trying his best to stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

  • My poem connects to Romeo and Juliet because in the book, there are two families at war for money and power. My life is not the same, but similar because my parents are at war. Thank you for reading my poem.     

    • I really enjoyed reading this poem. The facts you state are so disturbing and sad but they seem to be true. And I think you open people’s eyes when they read this and make them take a step back on their lives. I can’t relate to this so much and it really touched me, thank you. Heres a site I thought of while reading this… https://www.verywellfamily.com/how-parents-fighting-affects-children-s-mental-health-4158375
      Good job!!!

    • Dear Daniel,

      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was, “Hate is like a storm ready to cause a massive amount of damage”, I think this is very well described and, is so true, that hate has such a great effect on people. I think this poem is very powerful and I know from a personal experience when family fights, it can be really hard for everyone. I think this is a hard topic to talk about, however at the end of the day, disagreements can stress out everyone. I’m look forward to reading your next post.


    • Dear Daniel, your poem is amazing! One line that stood out to me was where you talked about how hate is like a storm because it causes a lot of damage. I really agree with this line. Good job connecting it to the 2 families fighting in Romeo and Juliet. Thank you so much for sharing your poem!

    • Dear Daniel,
      Your poem was very good I like how you chose a different topic than just love. I also like all the metaphors and similes you used in your poem. This poem was very accurate because usually when parents are arguing they don´t think we hear them or understand but we really do and that’s why it was a good example when you said ¨Hurt by blades stabbing my mind and word’s hurting my ears.¨ In your poem I also like when you said “Pain can be a scorpion wanting to poison your mind.” I believe you are trying to say the pain you go through because your parents disagreements get to you and and go to your head and will make you stressed out and cause you to turn to something that you think will ease the pain but really cause something more serious than you thought the actual outcome would be. Your poem has a lot of meanings and messages in it even though your topic was feuding between families causing tragedies so great job!

      I Would Like to Hear More From You in the Future,

      Jadyn W.

    • Dear Daniel,
      I liked how you bring up a true and very real problem. Familys do cause stress. which can reflect onto people and their kids. I really like how you used the metaphor,“Pain can be a scorpion wanting to poison your mind.” I found this really interesting because when parents fight they are hurting their kids and that can be like poison. Overall your quote really MAKES your paper. Keep up the good work – Christina

  • I chose shades, a book and anime statues and action figures for my shadow box. I chose these objects because this is evidence that I am a big fan of many things. I want people to know who I am like no one else

    • Dear Daniel,

      I am pleased to see your shadow box because it looks great. The boxe’s color looks great and what is inside is just awesome. I like how you put those characters of dragon ball in the box, i personally like dragon ball so it’s nice to see someone is putting some dragon ball on theirs. I think that this shadow box is great and that you should keep on with the good work.

      Sincerely a good buddy Diego

    • Dearest Daniel, your color works very well with your objects. I like how you put your interests like dragon ball Z and the walking dead wan d what it means to you as an individual. Very in depth.

    • Wow! That was interesting but word were defiantly were spoken. I feel you because you know why I have dealt with similar issues when I was little except my mom died and that was devastated to me. I felt all alone and that when my dad remarried he found this person who just made it worse. Don’t get me wrong she was a good person wanted me to have an education but the way she raise my brother and I was unbelievable. But do not worry, your life will get better. You will have people who loves you and wants to be in your life because they will care. People will come but it is your choice no one chooses of what you want you decide for yourself. Do not let anyone tell you, you cant do this because you can. You do not need to be weak because what I just read you got a powerful message of what you want to say. You are strong!!! #SJSU

    • Hey Diego,
      I think it is great that you are authentic in your writing, and authentic in telling your story. There are many other people who share a similar experience, but it can be difficult to express that with others. With that being said, life has just started and there will be many more trials and tribulations on your way, but you will be able to pull through. I hope you will be able to become the martial artist or traveler you want to become because you have the potential of achieving anything if you work hard in it. Overall, I respect you sharing your shadow box with us.

    • Dear Daniel,
      Your shadow box is really cool! It really seems to capture a lot of your interests! I know a little about anime and it seems to relate to your story because as you mentioned, you have overcome many obstacles that have come your way and anime is about overcoming trememdous obstacles! As long as you focus on yourself and keep making the right decisons, you can be the person you want to be in the future!!

    • Hey Daniel,
      I think that it is really awesome that you have such a wide variety of interests. I can see how anime has had a large impact on your life, and I would encourage you to find strength in everything that you do, just like many of the characters do when the time is right. You can do it!

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    • Dear Daniel,
      I really appreciate your shadow box because of the story behind it and how you explain that these objects really matter to you. I can really understand the favorite things that you enjoy. I also really like anime. My favorite part of your shadow box is your shadow box statement. The shadow box statement really reminded me how…[Read more]