• I chose shades, a book and anime statues and action figures for my shadow box. I chose these objects because this is evidence that I am a big fan of many things. I want people to know who I am like no one else

    • Dear Daniel,

      I am pleased to see your shadow box because it looks great. The boxe’s color looks great and what is inside is just awesome. I like how you put those characters of dragon ball in the box, i personally like dragon ball so it’s nice to see someone is putting some dragon ball on theirs. I think that this shadow box is great and that you should keep on with the good work.

      Sincerely a good buddy Diego

    • Dearest Daniel, your color works very well with your objects. I like how you put your interests like dragon ball Z and the walking dead wan d what it means to you as an individual. Very in depth.

  • Daniel became a registered member 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    • Dear Daniel,
      I really appreciate your shadow box because of the story behind it and how you explain that these objects really matter to you. I can really understand the favorite things that you enjoy. I also really like anime. My favorite part of your shadow box is your shadow box statement. The shadow box statement really reminded me how…[Read more]

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