• Hey its Daniel, I was read your article and I really enjoyed what you was decusing. I have the same train of though as you have wriiten in your article. I really like how you compared if technology is good or bad. I belive its both because as you written technology is going take people jobs that is true. Also technology is the future for this…[Read more]

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    Hey there buddy, It you friendly neighborhood Daniel Gonzalez. Im really enjoying your shadow box. It seem so lit and cool. I did a shadow box to and you should go check it out when you get the chances. link in bio. lol. comment on my shadow box to. And My favorite part of your shadow box is the bonless pizza and your boneless mac n chess. Also I…[Read more]


     Daniel Gonzalez


    The objectives in my shadow box represent my counter negatives. When people see me they assume  I am a very bad kid that doesn’t go to school because I am a kid

    • Hi my name is Janely, So …..Why you didn’t put like some images of some Dominant Narratives about Mexican people into your box? Have you ever made a false narrative about someone else?
      I like you explain each item/pictures on your project, Good Job.

  • Dear Izaiah,
    Im very interested in your work and you are speaking out the truth about our “leaders” You should get involved more inside politics and support our american rights and make a differents.

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