• DanielaAV
  • Dear Yamile,
    I have found your post very interesting. All this time, I have been doing my part and recycling to better the environment, but now you are telling me that I am actually doing more harm than good? Even though this was surprising to me, I agree with you that we should stop using recyclable water bottles and start using reusable water…Read More

  • I would disagree that “more guns is the solution.” A lot of tragedies have happened due to people who have access to guns. Many guns have landed in the hands of the wrong people which led to many deaths/ incidents. Even those who do have the right to own a gun have used it wrongfully. I think that picking and choosing who gets to have a gun is ver…Read More

  • I can agree that Covid-19 has really affected many people in different ways. It has changed our lives, but despite all the downfalls, there are many great things that Covid-19 has brought to us. One thing to be appreciative about is each other. As the article states, people are “making masks and buying groceries for those at high risk.” In our own…Read More

  • I agree that faith can get you through any challenge. Despite the outcome of the challenge, it is important to believe. By believing you are giving hope. By believing you are making hard times feel better. Like the article says it will be hard at first, but as time passes it will all be worth the pain. There is no way to prevent every bad in the…Read More

  • Yes, many may argue that social media is bad for us because of the amount of time we spend on it. What others don’t see though, is the information we view on social media. For example, Mr. Weinberger states that, “cellphones don’t make us stupid as they have made a great impact on society.” I agree with this because recently many have used so…Read More



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