• Danielle posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Abortion is an issue many people have problems with. Many try to sway people’s opinions through using the term pro-life. When someone hears the phrase pro-life they automatically associate abortion with murder. The problem is many people are not able to see both sides of the abortion issue.

    On the side for abortion, having a baby is a woman’s choice and it is also her choice to terminate her pregnancy. Because the baby is in the woman for a period of nine months and it is the choice of the woman if she wants that change in her. Also in cases of rape, a women should not have to have the child she never wanted but ended up with because of someone else’s abusive actions towards her.

    On the other side which is generally more conservative, abortion is taking life away or in other words murder. Because a fetus is technically a human and can feel removing the baby will inevitably end its life which means it is murder.

    Both sides have legitimate points and both sides need to be listened to.

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