• I chose to write my paper on the use of corn based ethanol fuels with oil based gasoline. This topic really interested me because of the issues not only concerning the environment, but also the efficiency of our t

  • Jimmy,
    I love this poem. It’s very personal and gives the reader a good idea of who you are and what made you the way you are.:) Hope to hear more written by you!

  • Ben, I think your topic sounds very interesting. I would love to know more about the economic side of the brands. I also like how relatable this topic is in daily life.

  • The combination of ethanol with petroleum gasoline has caused it to be a less efficient fuel and also worse for the environment. Because of the recent developments in environmentalism and also a growing

  • Giselle, I really like ur topic and how this Is something that is not necessarily often discussed. I think this is an important topic to adress because prisoners are often cast aside as worthless and we need to be aware to nake sure they are still treated with human dignity.

  • My research topic was the addition of up to ten percent corn ethanol into gasoline. Ethanol was added to gasoline with the intention to burn cleaner and also to put out let pollution into the environment. In an

  • Ethanol fuel has been a growing debate in the United States. Many people think we as a nation should be moving towards cleaner fuels that are more natural and less a part of fossil fuels. The problem arises at the

    • This is an awesome post! If you are interested in learning more about this, I highly recommend the film ‘Pump’ which is a documentary that looks into Ethanol and cleaner fuel options. It is such an interesting debate and the science behind it is really cool. I believe just like you that America needs to shift to cleaner fuel sources. Brazil is a country that has gone entirely Ethanol based and used agriculture, that would otherwise be wasted to make the fuel.

  • Ethanol fuel has been a growing debate in the United States. Many people think we as a nation should be moving towards cleaner fuels that are more natural and less a part of fossil fuels. The problem arises at the fact that for many years the main fuel we use comes from oil products, fossil fuels. By changing the makeup of our gasoline to add up…[Read more]

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    This is a very powerful way to approach a very sensitive topic. I think you really illustrated the double standard we hold in society for males and females and what is expected of them. I hope you write more soon.

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    This is so powerful and moving. This is a very creative way to express the way anxiety feels. I really like the personification you used. Wonderful poem.

  • I like how short and sweet this is. I also really like how you were able to make your point in a very strong way without posing an attack on others who may have the opposite views you do. I also like hie you took s stand in such a strong way without getting into any kind of argument.

  • I really like how you were willing to talk about a topic most people put off to the side. This is a very important topic especially when it comes to people who are living as a veritable or are in such severe pain that they no longer want to live. I appreciate that you were willing to take a stance on the sensitive topic and I hope to see more from you.

  • I agree that action needs to be taken to protect our earth and all that it provides to us. I think this is a very important topic to being up. I hope to hear more from you.

  • Dear Celia,
    This poem is one of the most powerful things I have ever read. I think everything you talk about is so true ams often times girls are limited by fear of rape ams sexual assault. I think you addressed this in a sensitive ams powerful way. I hope to hear more from you. You are a very talented writer.

  • Dear Giselle,
    This is a very good book summary and I am very interested to hear more about this book. I really liked your choices of words because they vividly described everything helping to invest me. I hope to hear more!

  • Abortion is an issue many people have problems with. Many try to sway people’s opinions through using the term pro-life. When someone hears the phrase pro-life they automatically associate abortion with murder. The problem is many people are not able to see both sides of the abortion issue.

    On the side for abortion, having a baby is a woman’s c…[Read more]

  • Your research was very strong and well incorporated in what you said 🙂

  • The religion a person subscribes to often dictates many of their core beliefs and also what they consider to be a moral decision. In a discussion on Psychology Today it talks about how morals are less put in

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