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Tiny Apartments In Tokyo

In the article, “Tokyo’s Teeny- Tiny Homes” (Upfront, Hayashi, 2022 subscription required) the amount of college students in Japan choosing to live in a 95 square foot apartment is increasing that’s like less the space from a parking lot. There’s hardly any space for a kitchen, pieces of furniture, and barely enough space for a sleeping area. These tiny apartments […]

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The Dress Code Problem In Iran!

In the article, “Nothing to lose” (Upfront,Smith 2022) a lady was seen with a loose scarf with a revealing dress was taken by Iran’s morality police and put into a van being taken away to a detention center. Where three days later she was found dead on September 16. Her death outraged women from Iran to create a revolution so […]

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Balenciaga is getting backlash from ads featuring bondage bears and child abuse papers

In the article, “Balenciaga apologises for ads featuring bondage bears and child abuse papers” (The Guardian, 2022) I learned that Balenciaga, the luxury fashion label, has apologized for advertisements that depicted toddlers holding teddy bears in fetish gear and another that used paperwork regarding child sexual abuse law as props. Now that it had caused numerous criticism online the company […]

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Hurricane Disaster

In the article, “Hurricane Fiona Makes Landfall” (BTW, btwadmin, 2022) the hurricane that has come across the Atlantic has destroyed the belongings of the thousands of people living there. Many were without electricity, no clean water, or no water at all. To those families that had to evacuate because of the disasters it’s better to let go of your belongings […]

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