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    This has been a very tough time for all of us, but that is only making us as a generation stronger and smarter. We have been through a lot in our very short time here on earth, but i believe that we will come together and make a better society for all in the near future.

  •   The argument of the drinking age has been a hot topic in the news for quite some time now. With a legal drinking age of 21 in the US, some people argue that the age is too high and that young adults should be a

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      I think this article is super informative! I really liked how you told both sides of the story equally, so we don’t really know your stance. You validated both sides and it made it seems more factual instead of opinion-based. Here is an article that I think you will like: https://drinkingage.procon.org/ It is the official website for the issue and it provides solid reasoning for both sides of the story!

  • I agree with you that people have the right to speak whatever language they are comfortable with because language in itself is a great thing that brings people together in so many ways. however i do think that in the US you should know english or Spanish as these are the most predominate languages that are spoken and i imagine it would be very…[Read more]

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    I agree with everything you brought up in your post, i found this article that might help you expand your knowledge on the issue- https://www.palomar.edu/telescope/2018/02/28/should-the-u-s-have-free-universal-healthcare/

  •  Climate change has been one of the most talked about issues in recent years. This is due to how bad our situation is, and how little we have done to do anything about it in a positive way. Like I said it has

    • Fixing our environmental crisis is an incredible task. We need much of the worlds major world powers to been on the same page. People like Gretta Thunberg are making a difference. But it’s hard to stop corporate greed from poisoning politics.

  • Hey Soph, i would have to agree with you that everyone should be vaccinated. It puts you and those around you in danger of catching diseases and other infections that are truly preventable. I found this article about 10 diseases that you can avoid with getting vaccinated and it is truly mind blowing to me that people dont vaccinate their children…[Read more]

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    Hey Luke I would have to agree that it is hard to make any decisions when talking about a topic as controversial as gun control, so i found this article to maybe get you to think about it on both sides of the playing field. here the link https://gun-control.procon.org/

  •  Medical marijuana legalization has been one of the hottest topics in politics in recent years. With more and more states making the substance legal awareness of legalization issues has only grown. The problem

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    I just want to say that i completely agree with you in regards to the elimination of single use plastic. I found this article that you might find very interesting in regards to single use plastics that we can very easily eliminate. https://www.waterdocs.ca/water-talk/2017/12/19/8-single-use-plastic-items-you-can-quit-right-now

    Best…[Read more]

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    I Totoaly agree with your article. with all of the media coverage it is very obvious that these products are not good for anyone. https://www.health.com/smoking/dangers-of-vaping this article goes into depth about the different issues associated with this if you are interested in viewing.

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  •   In regards to schools making students wear a uniform, I disagree with the idea that it makes schools safer. The main issue that I see from everyone dressing the same is in regards to the student and their a

    • Hey Dakota. I really like your view on the school uniform. I believe a lot of what you believe due to this. I believe that uniforms take away from the student because they are not able to express who they are fully. Another issue with uniforms is how uncomfortable they can be, and making someone wear it for a good majority of their week in unfair. I found another great article (https://vittana.org/22-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-school-uniforms) that points out more of the pros and cons with uniforms which could be very useful in your topic.

    • Hi. I think wearing uniform is not necessary any more. Because in the school spirit shop, there are a lot of looks of the uniforms. And due to the weather condition, they can wear any kinds of uniforms they want to keep themselves warm. So more and more students are getting up with the joneses about whose uniforms are better or more expensive. Therefore students will waste a lot of time on this.

    • Dakota, I’m am interested in hearing your proposal for a revised dress code/uniform policy. Uniforms are a big issue in schools across America. I have talked to a wide variety of people on this issue mainly because going to a catholic school naturally directs the conversation towards uniforms in general. A surprising amount of people hold a positive attitude towards uniforms, but people also express several grievances regarding the uniform policy. For instance, one boy said he liked the idea of having a full variety of uniform options that were considerable comfortable, and I agree. One of my best friends cannot go a day wearing a fashionable outfit because she feels comfortable expressing herself in her clothes. It is hard to say what is right or wrong. But one thing seems to be apparent: by no means should schools enforce uniforms as a form of punishment or even to engrain discipline in students and I am sure many private schools do. You responded well to the opposing side’s argument. I don’t think the free dress would promote bullying or hierarchy among economic classes. Some kids consider free dress a stress reliever and others that consider it a burden.

    • Kota, it is interesting to see your viewpoint on the school uniform policy as it directly applies to us and other students at Judge. I agree with you when you say “Someone will always have nicer shoes, or wear jewelry that is nicer than someone else. There is no way to fully grasp this, and I am glad to see that some people still give their own flare and style to the uniform because i do as well. ” I believe that fashion is a way of personal expression and should be respected. Here is an article that you might want to review. https://school-uniforms.procon.org. I’ve read that school uniforms increase a sense of school spirit and is a great way to advertise the school outside of the school community. I would love to hear more from you addressing the main points in regards to school spirit and advertisement. Great job!

    • Hey Dakota, I think you make a lot of good points about how uniforms restrict people from being able to express themselves. With the quote of how “Someone will always have nicer shoes, or wear jewelry that is nicer than someone else” is very true. The idea that it will break the barrier of students with different amounts of money is not true. It can be hard for people to afford uniforms and simply just wearing what they already own would be easier.I believe this link will provide some more ideas on uniforms. https://connectusfund.org/20-disadvantages-and-advantages-of-school-uniforms. I have observed that kids are much more happy when they are comfortable wearing what they want to wear and are more positive then when they are forced to wear certain clothing. I think it would be interesting to see if grades, positivity, and happiness went up if kids who had uniforms got to wear free dress and how personal expression effects everyones ability to learn.

    • Dak, you’re a genius. I very much agree with your points, especially where you say, ” The main issue that I see from everyone dressing the same is in regards to the student and their ability to express themselves as they choose to”. This is a great point that most people don’t think about. All great great stuff here.

    • Hello. I agree with everything you are saying,I believe that uniforms strip people from expressing who they are. I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves with clothing and that they shouldn’t be limited to only having to wear uniforms. Uniforms can also be very expensive and uncomfortable for some people as well. It’s unfair to the people who have to pay for those uniforms only to hear that they are uncomfortable and not worth what they paid for. Here is an article explaining the pros and cons of wearing uniforms that I think will go well with your argument (https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/school-uniforms/).

    • Hi Dakota! I really enjoyed reading your article about why uniforms should not be required. It was really interesting to read how you looked at both sides of the argument and still disagreed with students having to wear a uniform. I personally really enjoy wearing a uniform because it is easier for me. Maybe you could look into how preferences in uniforms varies with different genders or maybe why uniforms are used in different settings/locations. I liked how you got personal in your reasoning, it was easy to connect with you. I really resonated with you when you said “I would rather go through the process of finding a t-shirt and a pair of pants that I like a lot more than picking of the same uniform everyday, id feel more confident and be able to express myself.” I personally feel uncomfortable in the uniform and feel that I would be able to show myself and boost my confidence in my own clothing. This is a very relevant argument for students that go to Judge, it was interesting to hear your own unique opinion and thoughts on the issue.

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