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  • Daeja commented on the post, We real cool

    I love the message of your post, the word cool can have so many different meanings and not all of them are as shallow as they have been made out to be.

  • Daeja commented on the post, Body positivity

    I really like your message of body positivity and how you expressed that everyone of all genders should be able to feel confident in themselves. I feel like when people think of body positivity, people think of mainly woman, men get overlooked.

  • Daeja commented on the post, Hidden Emotions

    I really could feel the emotion in this post. It is not a very long post but it really says a lot, I personally can relate to the feeling of having your body hold so many dark thoughts and emotions. Was it hard being so vulnerable in a public post like this?

  • I really like that you gave an optional solution to helping black women feel safer in the medical field by suggesting that we get more minorities working in the medical field. Do you think it would be beneficial for their to be a minority medical center that mainly focuses on people of colors health, similar to the idea of an HBCU?

  • I think that your last ending paragraph is the main question that we African Americans as a community should be focusing on. As much as we are discriminated, dominated and all together disrespected by other white people in the world, we are giving them the impression that this is normal behavior by not changing anything within ourselves. Would you…Read More

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