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  • Dear Mang,

    I first just want to comment on the awesome picture you choose for this post! It really grabbed my attention with sun rays seeping through the window in the middle of a classroom. I also agree that finals this year have been vastly more stress-inducing for students as we are also stressing about staying safe from COVID. I like how…Read More

  • Christopher commented on the post, Competition

    Dear Peyton,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post “Competition”. It was fascinating to understand that having a competitive nature can be a beneficial or determinantal impact on a person’s health. I liked how you explained this as “Unhealthy and Healthy Competitions” hence depending upon how severe and what someone is being competitive about…Read More

  • Christopher wrote a new post

    Should the Mandate be Alleviated?

    Was the alleviation of Utah's protocols for COVID 19 for social gatherings during the holiday season an ethical decision? A news report entitled A superspreader event, by Carter Williams mentions that the Thanksgiving gathering can cause “another uptick in...

    Read More
  • Dear Juan,
    I found your post intriguing about the concerns of mail delay since my father is a clerk for the United States Postal Service (USPS). I agree with the comment in responses of it being “frustrating that important mail is being delayed”. The Post Office has tremendously impeded the process of mail being sent out to the community. Jus…Read More

  • Mark, this is very compelling and it brought a new outlook on what is more essential to minimizing gas emissions that are currently contaminating the air we breathe and affecting the environment around us. I value the way you brought into consideration of how “difficult” it’s going to be to make the adjustment for climate change due to the “scal…Read More

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