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is video gaming a sport?

In the article, “ Is Video Gaming a Sport ” there’s a debate whether playing video games should be considered a sport or not. Esports and sports do share some similarities playing in teams, the amount of training that goes into the ¨sport¨ and also going pro and making a huge amount of money. But there is also another side […]

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¨The Dilemma¨

The article, “The Dilemma” starts with two roommates one who needs a ride to the dentist and the other who offers her a ride there. The roommate that offered to drive tires to get her there on time but doing so she speeds and ends up getting a speeding ticket. although she doesn’t think she should pay for the ticket […]

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Are Zoos Ethical?

In the article, “Are zoos ethical? ” I learned that zoos are used to help keep endangered species safe. Dennis Kelly states, “zoos are a safe haven from poaching, habitat loss, climate change, and disease.” The focus of zoos is to help and promote awareness of the animals kept in zoos. But on the other hand, it’s argued that zoos […]

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I Remember

i remember the first time watching anohana and wishing i could watch it for the first time again i remember my first crush and being embarrassed to say hi to themi remember the first interaction with my best friend during a 6th-grade school trip i remember my favorite wrestling trip and having to run from the store to a taco […]

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Should Financial Literacy Be Required?

In the article, “Should Financial Literacy Be Required?” I learned two sides to this debt. On one side financial literacy is beneficial to students who are struggling to make ends meet. Morrison states, ” Would you send athletes into a game without any practice? Hand kids a library card but not teach them to read? Give them the car keys […]

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Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?

In the article, “Should Paid Sick Days Be Required” I got to hear both sides of this debt. on one side I learned that some people can’t afford to miss work so it comes down to deciding missing work, getting better, and keeping people safe or not getting paid. which we all know can be tough. then add COVID-19 to […]

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Are Driverless Cars A Good Idea?

In the article “Are Driverless Cars A Good Idea” Amitai Bin-Nun supports the idea of driverless cars being a good idea while Ashley Nunes argues against it. Bin-Nun claims that driverless cars will help the environment by reducing road congestion, driving more efficiently, and reducing emissions. Driverless cars can help people who are disabled and older people who can’t drive […]

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Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?

In the article “Should Paid Sick Days Be Required” is about Patty Murray who says the people should get paid sick days and James Lankford who disagrees. There has been a lot of jobs who don’t have paid sick days but ever since the pandemic hit there have been lawmakers that ask the federal government if paid sick days are […]

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