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What is the Best Way to Reduce Abortion Rates?

Many people think that by making it harder for women to access abortions through methods like abortion restrictions, abortion rates will drop. Although there has been a decline in abortion rates in the past few years, coinciding with many recent abortion restrictions, the cause of this decline is something different altogether. The Guttmacher Institue reported that almost all states in […]

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Opposing Viewpoints: Age of Consent

The article The Age of Consent Should Be Eighteen makes the argument that the legal age of consent should be 18 because younger than that, kids are not mature enough to give consent younger. Setting a legal age of 18 creates a balance of protecting a child from harm, yet not restricting freedom. “Physical maturity does not equate to psychological […]

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Does Having a Gun in the Home Make You Safer?

Although guns are seen as a means of protecting yourself, research shows that owning a gun in your home increases your risk of injury or death by gunshot. There is a lack of research about guns and their adverse effects on health and safety because the NRA has put pressure on the government to stop the CDC from funding research […]

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