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Taking a Position By Curtis Angelo

  GMOs exist because genetically modified foods can last longer and also grow better. So the people who make them would argue that GMOs are good because they help make more food and help people. I argue against these people because studies have found that the chemicals found in GMOs can lead to harmful effects in humans. So not only […]

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GMOs Researching Application by Curtis

The application of what Genetic engineering is a modified seed that is  produced and created in lab  by scientist. weeds and insects are becoming more resistant and immune to genetically engineered toxins . This application is changing the weeds and insects. The pros of genetic engineering is that GE helps the food grow better and last longer. The cons of […]

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3 questions about Genetic E. by Curtis Angelo

I’ve chosen the genetic engineering in particular because I am not a fan of genetic crops because I know for a fact that gmos can lead to kidney damages.This is important because I know that many people are not being educated enough about genetic engineering.The fact that the FDA does not allow the products to be labeled is concealment. What […]

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What is Genetic engineering by Curtis Angelo

My understanding of what genetic engineering is that, it’s a DNA mixed with others genes to make modifications of crops  and medication. People who thinks  genetic engineering is great might not oppose of my opinion because I argue that genetic modification is causing environmental damages by pesticides being more resistant and more immune to generic crops. The fact that the […]

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How are GMOs a Social Justice Issue?

My topic that I talked about was GMO’s. I was trying to present my senior research on Genetically Modified Organisms. To make the final recording I had to record over and over about 20 times to get it perfect and get it uploaded. My oral presentation strengths are the pacing and tone of voice, also inflection as I say my […]

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Curtis Graphic Novel

Curtis Graphic novel (1) My inspiration for choosing to draw this graphic novel was the drawing and the illustration part. I draw my own illustrations during my free time so this project sounded interesting to me. It was cool, but it took me some time to actually get it done. The scene I chose was Act 4, scene 3. The […]

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Curtis 30 sec Recording

According to the videos I watched I noticed that in each speaker’s voice that they were speaking with gratitude and they were pausing using emotions and joy. I noticed that the Tone’s were very loud and clear and  simple not confusing.   The speaker emphasize words mainly after a comma or a at the end of a sentence to draw […]

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The Two Videos By Curtis Angelo

The names of the two videos I watched was the Good and Bad Examples of presentation and the TEDs Secret to Great Public Speaking. They can be found here: I think that Anderson wanted the viewers to understand is that when you’re Presenting in front of and audience you have to be creative by using the mind […]

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Othello: The Graphic Novel

I stayed focused and asked myself: Why would Shakespeare be important. What I learned about myself in the XP challenge is that I can learn to expand my vocabulary by using Shakespeare. Curtis Graphic novel [iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=4000] Print this page. Author Curtis

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The Gold Avaunt

Quote:“Avaunt! Be gone! Thou hast set me on the rack: I swear ‘tis better to be much abused than but to know’t a little.”Act.iii.iii.374-376 Shakespeare plays on the word “ Rack  “ it could mean to break people into pieces using different instruments of torture. It can also mean mental pain to extreme stress.  First, Othello’s mind is being broken […]

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The Great Totalitarian

According to the reasons on why shakespeare still matters is that it’s become more convenient and a fascinating way to get get students to talk about certain issues without being confident. The Video “why study shakespeare today” by Kim F. Hall. Shakespeare helps within the contemporary issues of race and religion. The students should learn more about cultural and educational […]

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Dear “In God We Trust”

Dear President Trump, Hi, my name is Curtis Angelo. I am currently a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. If you’re going to be my President, I’m going to need you to really be on top of your game and be willing to put effort to apply the things people need in order to stay in their home […]

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