• Quote:“Avaunt! Be gone! Thou hast set me on the rack: I swear ‘tis better to be much abused than but to know’t a little.”Act.iii.iii.374-376

    Shakespeare plays on the word “ Rack  “ it could mean to break people

  • According to the reasons on why shakespeare still matters is that it’s become more convenient and a fascinating way to get get students to talk about certain issues without being confident. The Video “why study s

  • Dear President Trump,

    Hi, my name is Curtis Angelo. I am currently a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.

    If you’re going to be my President, I’m going to need you to really be on top of your

    • Sean replied 5 months ago


      I liked this post because it didn’t complain about the result and only hope for the best in the next 4 years. I also like how you also highlighted an issue where Trump can improve and make this country a better place. Since you addressed a specific and stayed upbeat about the topic at hand.

    • Dear Curtis,
      I really liked how you are willing to let trump become our president. You do not sate anything bad and actually wish for the best. You don’t think of this as an issue and you are supporting trump to become one of the greatest presidents in american history.

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