• Hi, I agree with your post. I think that modified organism can be very dangerous, it’s highly a risk factor. People are not educated enough on gmos. The people does not know the negative outcome gmos has on the people in the long run. It seems that GMOs are good for example: producing more crops and producing longer lasting food. Gmos are causing…[Read more]

  • Your post is significant and it is understanding. I am interesting with your idea of gmos and your opinions on what gmos are and what they can do. I’m not a big fan of gmos because honestly I feel is that it would be better to have crops grown naturally and healthy instead of our crops being modified and produced in a lab by scientintist. I…[Read more]


    GMOs exist because genetically modified foods can last longer and also grow better. So the people who make them would argue that GMOs are good because they help make more food and help people. I argue against

  • The application of what Genetic engineering is a modified seed that is  produced and created in lab  by scientist. weeds and insects are becoming more resistant and immune to genetically engineered toxins . T

  • I’ve chosen the genetic engineering in particular because I am not a fan of genetic crops because I know for a fact that gmos can lead to kidney damages.This is important because I know that many people are not

  • My understanding of what genetic engineering is that, it’s a DNA mixed with others genes to make modifications of crops  and medication. People who thinks  genetic engineering is great might not oppose of my o

  • This is good! but there are some errors that needs to be revised. but it seems like your solution was used before in some other issue prototype but minor nothing big. Your artwork is cool Powerful and it says a lot in so many words.

  • I think the way you’re addressing your issue awsome! We should have programs that would keep kids out of trouble. But mentally for the kids I think they suffer from association of bad influence in these communities. It’s all up to the them whether they want to join programs or not , majority of them probably wouldn’t even go because they scared…[Read more]

  • My topic that I talked about was GMO’s. I was trying to present my senior research on Genetically Modified Organisms.

    To make the final recording I had to record over and over about 20 times to get it perfect a

    • Hello Curtis,
      It’s funny really, because the phrase, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” is definitely being challenged here. You say that it negatively effects the poor, the environment, and health, yet you don’t actually provide any evidence toward it. I don’t want to look up any counterclaims at the moment, but if you do respond with some, then I’ll be back to refute. After all, this is promoting discussion.

  • Curtis Graphic novel (1)

    My inspiration for choosing to draw this graphic novel was the drawing and the illustration part. I draw my own illustrations during my free time so this project sounded interesting to

  • According to the videos I watched I noticed that in each speaker’s voice that they were speaking with gratitude and they were pausing using emotions and joy. I noticed that the Tone’s were very loud and clear a

  • The names of the two videos I watched was the Good and Bad Examples of presentation and the TEDs Secret to Great Public Speaking. They can be found here:


    I think that Anderson wanted the viewers to

  • I stayed focused and asked myself: Why would Shakespeare be important.

    What I learned about myself in the XP challenge is that I can learn to expand my vocabulary by using Shakespeare.

    Curtis Graphic novel

  • Quote:“Avaunt! Be gone! Thou hast set me on the rack: I swear ‘tis better to be much abused than but to know’t a little.”Act.iii.iii.374-376

    Shakespeare plays on the word “ Rack  “ it could mean to break people

  • According to the reasons on why shakespeare still matters is that it’s become more convenient and a fascinating way to get get students to talk about certain issues without being confident. The Video “why study s

  • Dear President Trump,

    Hi, my name is Curtis Angelo. I am currently a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.

    If you’re going to be my President, I’m going to need you to really be on top of your

    • Curtis,

      I liked this post because it didn’t complain about the result and only hope for the best in the next 4 years. I also like how you also highlighted an issue where Trump can improve and make this country a better place. Since you addressed a specific and stayed upbeat about the topic at hand.

    • Dear Curtis,
      I really liked how you are willing to let trump become our president. You do not sate anything bad and actually wish for the best. You don’t think of this as an issue and you are supporting trump to become one of the greatest presidents in american history.

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