• I am not sure what your assignment was, but I really enjoyed reading this. It followed your train of thought and stream o consciousness, and showed inside to the details of your life. It is quite an interesting idea/assignment. Well done and thank you!

  • I love dogs. Well done Jessica, this is a very interesting topic. I love my dogs and we we treat them as a part of the family. I am excited to continue reading your entire research paper.

  • It has become evident on many social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Phhhoto and Facebook, etc, that many people are enjoying the outdoors. But is it true enjoyment? Or is the glee from the positive

  • Interesting topic Robin. I too enjoy comedic shows, often over drama or thriller. My brother loves Frasier, and I too find it funny, but not in the way he does. I think I am too young for the references. I am eager to learn/read more about the recipe to the perfect sitcom!

  • This is an interesting and current topic. I like how you cited data, statistics, and results of an experiment. I have read articles about the 7 pockets in the world with the oldest people. A common factor between all of their diets is the lack of meat. Animal products are not necessary in our diet, especially in the excessive amounts of our modern…[Read more]

  • While doing my final research on Utah’s Online Library, because my topic is rather peculiar/specific, only 6 articles/resources appeared. The National Wildlife Federation kicked off Wildlife Nation. It is used as

    • Chloe,

      Good job on your research ! I strongly can see that very soon, our techs will be connect within us in order to help spread awareness. Is a big jump for the usage of technology! And since a big chunk of the population is connected 24/7 on their techs, it would be helpful and very very fast!

      Thank you for bringing that topic, very interesting.


  • This is a very interesting topic Lily 🙂 I enjoy meditation and have seen it transform some of my family members, reducing their anxiety and depression. I usually practice meditation after yoga, but just having a daily practice of meditation has helped me reduce anxiety, as well as increase motivation. I am excited to see what else you learn, good luck!!

  • Since my last post, I have done more research about how social media can and cannot positively influence people and their use of the outdoors.

    According to several articles, including one by the Africa News

    • Hey Chloe, great post. This is a very interesting topic and even more interesting research, I’ve never thought about how technology and social media could get kids to be more active, go out more, and be more social. I agree with you completely that people need to go enjoy what’s out there while still being cautious.

    • A lot of times people think that social media is a distraction, but this is an interesting way to think about it. Great work champ:)

    • Hey Chole! I really liked your post and agreed with what you said. It was interesting to hear about the pros and cons of social media. I also think that with so much media we have begun to take for granted the natural world and that going out into nature is a great time to refocus our attention on that and to unplug.

    • Hey Chole! Your topic is very interesting and I have a similar topic to yours incorporating how technology affects our health physically and mentally. I find your pros and cons with technology very intriguing! Great job!

  • My chosen  research project for my english class asks the question of how social media and technology have influenced the environment and outdoor recreation. It has become evident on many social media sites,

  • Well done. I agree with you that we as a country, society, and world, need to support one another. Your research about India is good, and we should try to start there, but I am sure there are other places that are in need too. With the world’s ever growing population, we need to provide for the future generations. Good job!

  • Well done! This is an interesting topic, because not many people know about the warfare going on Columbia, myself included. This article and experience is something that proves that the world is not all bad and good things can come out of bad. Thank you for sharing this.

  • This is a very interesting topic and I understand how not incorporating bias must be difficult. I would possibly suggest using statistics and data as much as possible, rather than articles written by people who inflict bias no matter what. I would like to see where this topic takes you!! Good luck and maybe your could find a way to incorporate…[Read more]

  • Good Job!! I too am very intrigued by the idea of space exploration. I recently watched a video about 6 astronauts who lived on the side of a volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii in total isolation for a year. I too think space travel is important and that research must continue. But like Alea said, there are more pressing problems here on Earth…[Read more]

  • Chloe commented on the post, Listen! 3 years, 6 months ago

    Short but sweet. I like this poem because as a student I can relate to the fact that it is always loud and everyone is talking, but one is hardly ever heard. It is a frustrating cycle to be stuck in. I also enjoyed the photo that goes along with the poem, abstract and kind of cluttered. Well done.

  • Good job, this is a beautiful but saddening poem. I agree with Jackson, you sort of guide the reader, building up to the end. The suspense happens naturally, even though the resolution is grievous. Well done.

  • Well done, this is a very powerful poem.
    This issue of rape culture starts developing at a young age, particularly with school dress codes. I attend a private high school, and a couple years ago the skorts were taken away for some reasons, one being the distraction of our male students. I agree with you in that we need to teach the boys, they need…[Read more]

  • I agree with you and enjoyed reading this post.
    My brother is a graphic designer and his tattoos are permitted in the work place, in fact most of his coworkers in the office have tattoos as well. He works in a very artsy and expressive environment, so body art is seen as no different. I agree with youth in that tolerance like this should expand…[Read more]

  • Priscilla,
    I agree with your views. There have been and continue to be unjust killing of animals in this country. Whether it is for food, clothing, or sport, they are unjust. Another topic of issue related to this is the amount of animal testing we have in the USA. I believe it is wrong/unfair and that we don’t have to subject these unknowing…[Read more]

  • Hi Celia,
    This is a very relevant and prevalent problem you are addressing in this poem. I enjoyed the format of a poem, it was artistic, non accusatory, but well informative. This is a very real issue, in all middle and high schools, girls adhere and change, so as to not disrupt boys education. This poem is terrific because it addresses the…[Read more]

  • I think that if we are able to join the army at the age of eighteen, as well as go to jail, we should be able to legally consume alcohol (or as in some countries, only beer and wine). I feel if we lower the age people would (hopefully) learn to safely limit drinking. This could also easily backfire, but as you stated, most college students under…[Read more]

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