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      Lately I been facing bad situations and I just try to be the best out of it and understand that everything happens for a reason. I believe in doing things that will eventually have a good out come and make you feel better about yourself , like me for example being able to handle school and work its one of my biggest challenges and it worries me and sometimes have me overthinking and stressing but the outcome of it will be so positive so it makes me feel good because that’s a goal . Its all about keeping a balance and having positive energy even on the most difficult time.

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      Sometimes I get bad intuition about a situations and I’m so used to it that when my intuition tells me something I believe it doesn’t lie and I start preparing myself, for example one time I found a story that was hiding to me for weeks just by seeing a Facebook post, my intuition told me it was deeper and I reacted emotionally very fast. I did research because that’s when it takes using common sense and your mind .. I ended o being right about my thought and emotions .

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      One thing that I like to do to uplift my emotions its changing environments, I like to keep my distance from people when Im upset not because I hide my emotions but because I don’t like feeling others with bad energy. My emotions can get real powerful to the point I just get mood swings when this happens I like to go out and clear my mind, traveling , driving around or just meeting new places helps me over come bad emotions and just be happy and let things out.



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