• Dear Jennifer,
    Your poem was very enjoyable to read. The way that you described the land and your views made me feel like I was there with you on that trip. You described it as a life changing experience which made me guess that your poem was about identity and love. You found yourself in your trip and there was a lot of love, whether it meant you…[Read more]

  • Those words stick with me

    They’ll stick with me forever


    And each time I lay in bed

    I remember those words


    I knew our relationship wasn’t always the best

    In between court battles for a large part of my

    • Hey Mr. Peanutbutter,

      I’m sad. It broke my heart to hear about how you fought for your fathers love but based on his actions questioning whether he did or did not. As a child this must have been something that was a daily struggle. Even until the end the way you illustrated your forgiveness for him despite his actions was a beautiful way to end the piece. This must have been hard to write but thank you for sharing this piece.

      Bojack Horseman

  • Dear David,
    Your poem was very relatable in a way. Though we’re very different. When you mentioned that you had to be fortunate because you were an immigrant it really hit me because my parents are immigrants too. And you mentioned that you have to be fortunate because though you may not have everything, and maybe you’re not rich, you have more…[Read more]

  • Dear Angel,
    I am very pleased after reading your poem. A lot of people are bothered by energetic people, I like that you put out that it’s okay to be energetic and it’s okay because it’s a part of who you are and it shouldn’t matter what people think. My favorite line was where you said that it was okay to be too energetic because it was who you…[Read more]

  • Why I’m Careful As Hell

    I choose to be careful

    I’m careful to not hurt others

    I choose to be careful because I care

    I care about what other people feel

    I care on if I hurt them and

    Care on wha

    • Dear Cristina,

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “I’m careful about my decisions Because the decisions I make can hurt me and others as well.”. I think this is a strong line because many people aren’t careful of their decisions. Not knowing that it can hurt others and you putting it out there can be helpful for people to read and reflect on what they do. How actions can affect others without someone knowing. I really like your piece of writing. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Dear Cristina,
      I am moved by your poem, “Why I’m Careful As Hell” because I appreciate that you care about others, and most important you care about yourself. I also like the flow of your poem. One part of your poem that stands out to me is the end because it shows how in order to care about others, you must care about yourself first. Your poem reminds me of the times when we are together because it really shows that you are careful and you always try to make others feel good and laugh. Thank you for posting this awesome poem about a part of your personality. I hope that you keep writing.

  • fake, you didn’t read my memoir 🙁

  • Dear Aida,
    I love the way that you wrote your memoir kind of like a poem or even a song with the chorus being “a lost name…”
    My favorite part of your memoir was when you said you would never change your name because you give meaning to your name without anybody writing your story for you. It’s YOU giving your name a story and bringing happiness…[Read more]

  • Whenever I’m asked to talk about myself and about who I am, I hit a wall. To my mother I’m a studious and hardworking young woman. To my younger brother, I’m just annoying. And to my father, same as my mom with

    • Aida replied 1 month ago

      Dear Cristina,

      Hi I really liked how you said you don’t really like talking about yourself to people, but then you started talking about yourself in this piece. This piece made me understand where your name comes from. I know a little bit about you now. Overall it was a really nice piece.

    • Dear Cristi,

      Since being your friend for a while I can understand what your name can mean to you. This was a strong piece that I know let out a lot of emotions for you and I am here for u because i love u. And also great writing, very good. #tth <3

      • In addition, I also noticed that you mentioned you had a middle name but didn’t mention what it was. Hmmmmm. So we keeping secrets from the world now?

      • fake, you didn’t read my memoir 🙁

    • Dear Cristina,
      Thank you for sharing all these personal stories. I like the sentence where you mentioned your confusion from where you were younger. You said how you felt guilty at moments for loving your father which is very true because I know how many kids may feel this confusion when their parents separate when they are still very young. Thank You for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you have very good counter narratives to share and I enjoy reading about very good true stories.

    • Dear Cristina,
      I am moved by your memoir, “Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018” because I also didn’t like my name when I was younger and wanted everyone to call me something different. One sentence that stood out to me was,”My name has never been something very significant to me, I like it but I don’t really have a personal deep connection to my name at all” this stood out to me because I connect with this. I as well have never really had a connection to my name so it has always been whatever about it. Another sentence that stood out to me was,“ I started liking my name in highschool it wasn’t just that I got used to it, I liked how it sounded and I liked spelling it, I also feel like it defines me for who I am, it goes with me well.” this stood out to me because this also connects to me and how now I do like my name. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are really interesting as a writer.

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    Dear Xin,
    I really liked your movie poster as well as the way you summarized Romeo & Juliet. I also really liked how the angels in your movie poster represented east and west in Oakland. You managed to connect Oakland and Romeo & Juliet together and I enjoyed reading about this.

    I look forward to seeing more of your drawings and reading more…[Read more]

  • Cristina commented on the post, Violence change 1 month ago

    Dear Velvet,
    Your passion and care for Oakland is truly amazing. You had great quotes that proved how and why Oakland was dangerous and your evidence surely backed up your claim. I really look forward to reading more of your writing soon!

  • Dear Alison,
    I am moved by your poem because of how well written and relatable your poem is to the world that we’re living in today.
    You didn’t only combine modern day to an old fairytale but you involved or at least made it seem seem like you were bringing in more than just hetereosexual romance.
    I look forward to reading more of your poems in…[Read more]

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