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  • Dear Abigail,
    Your post made me understand why abortion should be allowed because you have reasons on why it could happen. One of the reasons was that if the parent financially unstable to support the kid, which was a good point because parents who are unable to pay for a kid should not have a kid which I thought it was a good point that parents…Read More

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    Biden Is also to blame for the border issues

    1.In the text, “Biden’s Border Crisis is “Overwhelming”. The Central Idea is that Biden is to blame for the issues on the border and why they are rising. One piece of evidence to prove this is “The Crisis has...

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    • Dear cristian
      Your post made me think that it right that biden is blame for the border issues. why becuase he the one that see what going on and he not doing noting about it but then he star to blame that it a border issues.Something I wonder is it going to be the same or it going to be difference.

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    Dear Alex, Your post made me feel worried about the people coming into the United States of America. It made me feel this way because 40% of 80 million is a lot almost half of 80 million, there should be something done because there should not be 40% of immigrants coming into the United States border.
    Something I wonder is what caused so many…Read More

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    "CBP's Efforts to Combat Contraband Smuggling: A Look at Their Response"

    In the article "CBP officers in El Paso stop three drug loads in one hour" The Central Idea is “ There is so much effort being put in by the CBP that they can find anything illegal. The author...

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    • Dear Cristian,

      Your post made me think about how many drugs are being smuggled across the border and what the drug market is currently. It also made me think about what is being done to prevent this illegal drug smuggling. Something I wonder is if the problem of illegal drug selling will ever be solved or can be prevented.


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    Child exploitation happening at the border

    1. In this text, the central idea is that people will do anything to try to get into a country whether they have to risk a child's life or not.  In support of their central idea, the author writes...

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    • Dear Christian,

      Your post made me think empathetically for families who are willing to sacrifice anything to cross into a country, even if it means leaving their children. It makes me wonder what could be going through these people mentally that they are in desperate need to leave anything to cross the border. Something I wonder is what happens to the children left behind at these boarders.

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