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  • Cristian wrote a new post

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    The rise of Covid-19 has surged over the past 3 weeks. Many companies are rushing to get a vaccine out as soon as possible. There are two companies that have a vaccine that is 95% effective, but is...

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  • Cristian commented on the post, Trophies

    Wassup Juan, I read your article about trophies and all that. I’m an athlete so when I receive a participation trophy I look at it like a “Nice Try”. I think people who get 1st place should get trophies. When I don’t get a trophy I just accept the fact I didn’t do good and I have to push myself to become way better for the next time I compete. I…Read More

  • Cristian wrote a new post

    Should High School Sports Be Canceled Because of COVID-19?

    High School Sports is only around for 4 years for a student. High School sports really form who you are as a person. I say this because I am a student-athlete. Sports impacts you by teaching you that you...

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    • Dear Cristian,

      I am very interested by your post, “Should High School Sports Be Cancelled Because of Covid-19” because not only did you state the fact that high school sports are limited but you also mentioned that it builds character within the person. I think it’s sensational as well thar you gave the fact that you too are a high school student athlete and you made it connections within the topic.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Some seniors have the shot to go play college sports but their senior season is highly needed.” I think that this is important to all the athletes trying to go pro because they are in a disadvantage due to the pandemic going around.

      Thank you for you writing, I’d love to hear more about you and your personal connections, experiences with topics like this.


    • Dear Cristian,

      I agree with the fact that there’s only four years of high school that we have to play and we can’t give up everything now because of the pandemic happening around the world. For many seniors this is their year of hard work and this is the year were they put all their hard work and make it count. Many athletes have to get the chance to play their last year and shoot their shot to making it pro. This year is not the year we let down everything we worked hard for. We can’t let go now we have to get the chance to play sports for the last time and for those who want to make something out of the game they like. Many athletes get their scholarships from playing sports and some athletes have a chance of making it pro. I strongly believe that we should get this opportunity to play sports for the last time and chase our dreams.
      I really enjoyed reading about his topic because this connects to me personal and I would love to hear more about what’s going to happen for those seniors.

    • Hello there Cristian, I´m intrigued about the question and the post as well. Personally, I have never played sports in my life because I never got interested in the idea of it at all. But I can say this, I do think that school sport should be canceled indefinitely. The reason is that it simple, the safely of the players, coaches, and the spectators themselves can´t be compromised in any way during the pandemic which I personally call the plague itself. Thank you for your time and reading this comment, I appreciate it

    • Dear Cristian, I totally agree with you, it’s very sad that High school sports are cancelled and it ruins Sports for kids who were looking forward for to trying out or participating. However, we need to be safe and limit the spread of Covid-19 so that we have a chance to participate in highschool sports.

      I look forward from hearing more from you!

  • Cristian commented on the post, Abolishing ICE

    Hi, Melissa. I like what you talked about in your article about abolishing ICE. ICE has been around since 2003, it will be really hard to actually abolish that because they have sent back immigrants for years and those who committed crimes. It’s hard to take something away in a snap of finger. I’m not saying it’s impossible it will just be a…Read More

  • Cristian wrote a new post

    Is Social Media Bad?

    Everyone today is always on social media. A social platform where you can connect with others across the world. I think Social Media is bad for our mental health and how we view the world. I feel like...

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    • Dear Cristian,

      I really liked the points you brought up in this post, and I do agree with some of them. As almost all things in life have, there are two sides to a story, and often there are both negative and positive connotations associated to social media specifically. I really like how you said, “I feel like the social media community wants us to live in a certain way.” When scrolling through apps, taking in and admiring the perfect image or myth people have created, it can be damaging to people’s mental health. For me, social media is a place I can interact with my friends and have fun, as well as sharing ideas, yet sometimes the negative effects can get to me as well, such as worrying about how many likes a post had gotten on Instagram. Social media isn’t completely and utterly bad per se—it has its plethora of positive effects—yet I do also somewhat agree that there is a negative aspect, which can affect our mental health and outlook on life. I really liked this post, and it was really insightful. I look forward to seeing your other projects!

  • Hey Heidi, I love what you said about being a adult when you turn 18 but are we really? My opinion is if you still live with your parents your not a adult. You go to college and parents send you money for food etc… your not a adult. Yea you will generate money working but honestly a minimum wage job aint going to cut it for you as a student.…Read More

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  • Mayra, honestly I don’t know what world you live in but I don’t think you’ve met the right people. You are already being stereotypical that all guys use women for pleasure and how they are rapists. I thought you were the one talking about change, I think you need to think about change when you are stereotyping men. I’m not trying to disrespect you…Read More

  • Cristian wrote a new post

    Are We Ready for Drive Less Cars?

    Drive less cars are a very a big thing to this day. Let's talk about Tesla a fast growing company. Tesla introduced there first drive less car a couple years ago. As we know everything that comes out that...

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    • Dear Cristian,
      I am intrigued by your post because what you said was completely true and I agree with you.
      One thing you said that stands out for me is “Also in this day Technology can be hacked at any time. We just hack into the computer system an we have full control”. I think this is interesting because I have never thought about it that way. Thanks for your project, I enjoyed reading this.

    • Dear: Cristian i am intrigued what you say is 100% true.
      I will love to say that Supporters of driverless cars say the vehicles will make roads safer by cutting down on the number of crashes caused by distracted ­driving or other human errors. In addition to saving lives, fewer ­accidents would reduce traffic—and pollution—since cars wouldn’t be stuck on congested roadways as a result.

    • Dear Cristian,

      I do believe that everything is exploitable in terms of technology but the company, Tesla, will do countless testing to find exploits in their system and if there are tons, people won’t but it. This is my answer to your question.


    • Dear:cristian
      Iam intrigued by what you say can see a fault in the car and since all of it is technology,you con lose control and can see cokes and even deaths.

  • Cristian commented on the post, Self-Driving Cars

    Hey Andres, you have a very good point. I agree that if we using technology it has to be very spot on. Technology always has its flaws. Computers been around for so many years and they still have their flaws. For people to just jump so quick into electric cars is very scary. Look at tesla if you done research on there self driving mode, they can’t…Read More

  • Hey Dayanara, I understand where you are coming from on this article about addicting drugs. But also these drugs treat a lot of health conditions and without that what are we supposed to do. You may say that there is other drugs that may help but what if there not as effective. All prescription drugs are useful to the people and all. I agree…Read More

  • Hey April, I agree that home based learning really isn’t for everyone. I see it as like people wanna stay home to stay in bed and be lazy. Personally I hate being lazy, I rather be at school socializing and walking around to get to my classes. When asking questions to teachers is much easier while in person they can notice you but on zoom meetings…Read More

  • Cristian commented on the post, Cyberbullying

    Hey Britney, I love what you talked about cyber bullying. It’s a big thing in this generation with technology growing and social media expanding there is so much bullying. I seen people be bullied through social media every single day. Everyone thinks it’s just us teen but no I see adults get bullied. You even brought up teachers, I see it…Read More



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