• When I first heard about this case on the television (in the news), my hearts broke into millions of pieces. I couldn’t believe what was going on, and in my heart, I just was wishing everything was a game and t

    • Dear @crismeylin
      I liked how you wrote with passion and anger. After I read your post I was upset, especially after reading: “Martínez’s lawyer maintains the 19-year-old should not be found guilty of murder. Instead, he simply participated in a failed abortion attempt.” I agree that justice should be found for Emily and will be actively watching the news when the trial begins in June.
      Keep writing with passion!

  • Esto me acuerda a mi madre cuando yo me cambiaba muy bonita y le decia mami voy a salir y me respondia con un “Y tu a quien le pediste permiso y a quien es que vas a ver tan pernada y arreglada”

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    Dear Nayelin
    I am amazed by your poem, “Nayelin’s Where I’ From,” because in this poem you make me remember of my country, I am Dominican too and I love pica pollo ufff they delicious. I can also see that you love your family and like to spend time with them.

    Your poem make me reminds me about my family in Dominican Republic that they get togethe…[Read more]

  • I  am from Dominican Republic where in the morning you wake up with El escandalo de la guaguita announcing “Tenemos platanos maduro, platano verde, yuca, batata…..” or the sound of the gallo.

    I am from el medio

    • This was very well written, I liked how you went between english and Spanish to really relate the story to where you are from. You were very descriptive, and I could really picture in my head the place you were talking about. Great Job!

  • Dear Abigail

    I am Satisfy with your post “Immigration Unfairness” because I am totally agree with you. In my opinion Donald Trump are being cruel to immigrant. He should know that immigrant are human too that just because they don’t have paper doesn’t make them bad person.One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “We need a preside…[Read more]

  • One reason I think  everyone shouldn’t be the same is because we all made with a different type of thinking. My second reason why everybody isn’t the same is because not everybody mind work the same.Some time

    • Crismeylin, it’s interesting to think about why we are not all the same. It’s interesting to see all the differences in people and why those differences exist. I think it has a lot to do with how we are raised, where we come from, and the people that surround us. Our minds are so different from one another and I think that’s part of the beauty of life, none of are the same and we all think and act uniquely. I hope you look more into this thought because it’s very interesting.

    • Crismeylin, I really liked the thoughts you shared in this post, I think that it is a difficult question of whether we should all be the same or not. I agree with what you said that everyone is different because we all have our own individual minds. We do not all think the same and therefore do not all act the same. However, while it would be easier to accomplish communal goals if everyone wanted the same thing it could also be dangerous. I think it is important for people to think and act differently because it allows for debate and working together to make compromises for everyone. Do you think it would be better if everyone thought the same or if people had different opinions? Thank you for sharing you thoughts.

    • You make very interesting inferences on how we all perceive each other. It’s amazing to think of how different we all are from one another. These things are what make us all so unique. It also becomes hard sometimes because many have xenophobic views that prevent us from wanting to be original and different from the rest. But, the most we can do is be there for one another and be an ally for those who can’t be free to express themselves.

  • What is important for you to know about me is that I’m a nice person, so responsible with things and I love to dance. I was born in Dominican Republic. I have lived in New York for 6 years. In school I like to d

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