• My team and I have been studying creativity in classroom for sometime. In school, there are already a lot of opportunities out there in schools to engage in creative ways of learning. However, most of these

  • This article gives a list of many tips to help kids gain creativity in the classroom. What my team and I did, (Zach ad Trip), was we looked at the tips and commented on how we feel they would work and any notes

  • For my topic, I would like to talk about the Society and the Individual Conscience. Throughout my dialectic journals, I constantly struggled with how I felt about Huck and his views on the slaves and people. At

    • Hi Ben!
      Great post! I agree with your opinion that Huck is still growing up and doesn’t really lead well yet. It is every obvious in the story that he considers Tom as his role model and I think he does everything that Tom asks because he isn’t used to having someone in charge to look up to. However, there are also moments in the story where Huck doesn’t act like how society wants him to and I think those are qualities of a leader too! I think there are many views to this topic! Great work and nice job with the post!

  • I decided to share one of my journal entries from a while back. I really like this part of the reading because it is when I started gaining hope in Huck’s inner heart. The quote is from chapter 8: “No! W’y, what

  • I’d like to start with a few pieces of information. First, I love music, and second, I’ve only seen my dad cry one time ever.

    I believe that the study of music will change us. Not only us as in just mus

  • I believe that all people should have religious freedom. This is one of those things that when it is in the news, I just think it is unreasonable to judge or come to conclusions on someone purely based on their

    • Ben, I really like how you related censorship to the exposure of religion. I think it is important, especially today, that we teach our generation and generations to come, how to be more open minded. Your religion might be a part of who you are, but it doesn’t define who you are. The stigmas and the stereotypes have to go, we are all similar in many ways and shouldn’t be judging each other.

    • This was very well written and you did a very good job at connecting the thought of religion it other things like the Religious Freedom Act and a book you were reading in class. You did a very good job as getting right to the point and not dragging out your thoughts. It is clear how you feel on this subject and i have to agree that we tend to judge people on their religion and it is a problem.

    • Ben, I really like your response of religion. I am agree with you, it is unreasonable to judge or come to conclusions on someone purely based on their religion. First, freedom of religion is written in the United States’ Constitution in First Amendment. Every people living in this country should being respect to the Constitution. Second, religion should not be a sensitive tage of people. Religion is more like culture or spirit from inner your mind. We are all same to each other, religion should not be used for someone to judging others.

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  •          Hi, my name is Ben Crino. I am a straight white male who lives in the beautiful town of Okemos with a school district rated in the top ten of Michigan. I am the definition of having it easy in Amer

    • I think your idea of including education about what being transgender is a fantastic idea. If kids learn about it through an unbiased source and learn the real facts about being transgender they will have a better chance of being accepting and teaching others to be accepting! In our world today this is something that needs to change.

    • Hi Ben, I thought this was extremely well written and compelling. I like that you introduced yourself and told the readers a little bit about your environment and how you were raised; I feel like that is such an important consideration when looking at someone’s views. You should expand more on how you think kids should be educated on the topic transgender rights. Consider omitting first and second person pronouns.

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