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    Overall great job Ebrahim presenting the information. I really like how detailed and oriented your facts are. It helps the reader easily understand what its happening on Yemen. You do a great job explaining what is happening however, I think you should explain maybe a possible solution or two.

  • Everybody has an alternate meaning of being American, albeit a large number of us can concur that being American is around three principle thoughts: opportunity, uniformity, and a possibility at accomplishing

    • This is such an important topic in this day and age! The trauma and hoops people of color, but especially African-Americans have to go through just to live their daily lives, is absurd. The only way to combat this huge problem society is to educate the children of today, the only future that this world holds, and teach them to be kind and compassionate. Racism is not inherent, it is learned.

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    Overall I really agree with what you stated on your opinion. Your opinion was made very clear and that is always nice to see when reading. Clearly the Author researched the topic and informed the audience.

  • The 3D-printed firearm debate is quick paced and rapidly evolving. As the name suggests, 3D weapons are firearms made utilizing a 3D printer and plans made on a PC or downloaded on the web. The collected firearms

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