• Dear Kelly, I enjoyed your poem quiete a bit and enjoyed how inspirational it is. It really tells you to hop back on the horse if you have fallen off. Horses are so tall! Can you imagine how big a horse would be if it was twice as big as it currently is?! That would be a very large horse. Gargantuan. Wow
    Sincerely, Cam

  • i sit watching the cloudsimplode into the horizonengulfing then releasing aruby red sun whose time issoon over but will return by dawnto give the golden ambrosiaof her rays in which we baskbut she is gone and now

    • Dear Cameron,
      I am living for your poem, “dune sunset,” because it reminds of the summertime. the way you talk about the sun gives me a reminiscent feeling. One line that stands out for me is, “her rays in which we bask” I think this line is such a creative way to talk about the sun because I felt like I can feel the sun’s rays on my face just from reading this line. Another set of lines that stands out for me is, “she is gone and now there is absence of refraction and the electric buzz now it is only me and the moon”. I think these lines paint a picture of the day transitioning to night because you talk about the sun abandoning you and the moon joins you in your loneliness. Your poem reminds me of a book that I once read and maybe you read it too, “Goodnight Moon”. Its about a bunny and its relationship with the moon.

      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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