• I hate to see people who are being judged just because of their sexuality or gender. America is supposed to be a country where you can be free, but some people are judged just by who they are.

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    • I agree with you that all people should be treated equally. I see people getting made fun of because of there sexuallity everyday and I think that’s wrong. I also agree with Corinne that there should be transgender restrooms made all over the world so that the people who decided to become transgender feel comfortable going to the restroom and not feeling uncomfortable. Maybe our new president,Donald Trump can talk about how everyone has equal rights and how nobody should be getting made fun of. That could probably help and make people stop talking bad about other people. Thank you Corinne for sharing this post.

    • I love your post so much. I’ve been looking up lots of information on LGBT+ homelessness lately and it is so sad. Like you said these people need support because sometimes their own families throw them out. I couldn’t imagine kicking my child out knowing they don’t have a place to go just because of their sexuality. Like, did you know that 40% of the 7% of youth that is homeless are homeless due to their sexuality? Its absolutely devastating. I think a lot of the issue is the misconception that people choose to be LGBT+. I assume parents feel as though they can make them “change” their “choice” to be gay if they make it hard for them to live. Kind of like, “If i kick them out then they’ll come crawling back and change their decision,” but the problem is it isn’t a choice. Honestly, I could even imagine doing that if I thought it was a choice, but I guess for some people with religion and other factors think they can justify this action in this way. I’m curious, how do you think parents justify it? In any case, hopefully as time goes on people will learn more about these issues and understand those who are LGBT+ don’t have a say in it and instead will love their family unconditionally like they should be in the first place.

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