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    Are you able

    to create a situation of freedom

    when you see

    the depressing clouds of inferiority

    begin to form

    in her little mental sky?

    • Beautiful

    • Coralie,

      I was really moved by your poem. I loved how each word painted the picture of the storm, but I truly connected with your message. Sometimes we all get so caught up in our own heads and we feel this overwhelming sense of inferiority. It can depress us and cloud our judgement. But our only hope is to get out of our head and believe that we are free to be ourselves. Our best has to be enough for us and you, Coralie, inspired me to remember that.

      You are a fantastic poet and I really am looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • Coralie, your poem was so touching. You painted a picture and internalized it for every human being. It takes serious courage to write poetry and I am very impressed. I could feel the words you were speaking and was able to tell there was a story behind them. Keep up the great work.
      -Anna Drossos

    • This poem is so short yet so touching. The use of vocabulary and imagery made it feel relatable but also professional. I would love to see what other poems you have.

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